Thursday, May 5, 2011


::Strong in the Lord small group::
::Eighteen  7-9yr. olds= smiles, giggles, & ENERGY::
::Radiant Purity small group::
Red Day....accidentally. =) 
Emily, Bekah, & Nickie
Purple Day...again, accidentally!
Emily, me, Grace, Kristin, & Sarah
I am the back half of that excuse-for-a-horse...=)
::enjoying time with two very dear ladies, Scarlett & Brittany::
::our whole group plus more were blessed by the generous hospitality of the Duggar Family::
and the amazing staff girls....I miss you all!

*thank-you to Emily Schurmanns, Stephen Mally, & Scarlett Burnham for providing me with the wonderful photos!


  1. I'm sure you were such a blessing to all of the young ladies who were in your groups, Chels! You were such a blessing to me last year at Radiant Purity. Loved seeing all of the fun, cheerful smiles in the photos. And how neat that you got to meet the Duggar Family.


  2. I really like your outfit in the first and third pictures, Chelsy. I like the purple day picture (purple's my favorite color-ha!ha!).

    I certainly wouldn't want to be the guilty or dead conscience sisters in the skits!

    How kind of the Duggar family!!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  3. Cute outfits for the skits!! I hope I can go again sometime!


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