Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things that Make Me Smile

roses in the park
friends, cousins, and more friends who visited last month for Mitch & Alli's grad. party. We had the most amazing time....many memories can be made from the hours of 11:00pm til 5:30am. =)
cousins from MO who also came for the grad party and spent the following night with us
 a notepad cover two of my former piano students sewed for me
 hugs from an adorable little man 
 trying on thirty different shades of lipstick at 12:00am...we were all in agreement that this one was NOT flattering but we had to get a picture nonetheless. =)
more friends....
Eighteen gorgeous roses that came for me in the mail.
*big smiles*

fun winter hats
meeting sweet Aunt Tiny in Alabama
 coffee and conversation with my dear cousin and dear sister after a long days work...
verses like this that remind how great my God is
 sleeping beauties....

coffee...given to me by a friend who works at Starbucks.

smiles with a friend at camp
fun flipflops
playing with my sister @ her senior recital
a *most* fun card from my bestie 
 all these beautiful people hanging on my wall...=)
the smell of a hot fudge brownie candle


  1. It made me smile too! =) *really big*

    Congratulations on graduating Allison,I know you worked really hard. ;)

  2. That's great that all those things make you smile. I think that that would be a great thing to do a blog post about. Thanks for posting! I especially like the roses and sleeping beauties!


  3. Sweet post!
    Oh, and I love yours and Alicia's lipstick:)


  4. What does a hot fudge brownie smell like? It sounds like a nice smell, what do they look like? They do not exist here in sunny ol' Spain:(

  5. That's such a good practice... to go over things that bring a smile during one's life...! :D You get to notice the blessings in disguise. What a beautiful post, Chels!
    MISS YOU!!


  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures...made me smile. =) It was such a blessing to go to the camp this year and see you girls again. I love your photo board...I have the picture of the three of us framed by my desk. =)


  7. Beautiful photos, Chelsy! I love the lipstick!!! (Lawson thought it was blood!)


  8. love this! :)

    i kinda miss you even more now. <3

  9. And who would this roses happen to be from?


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