Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Memories

This Christmas was probably the most special Christmas I can remember. 
The older us cousins grow, the closer we get. So everytime all the Bontrager girl cousins are able to come from IA, MO, & TX to get together....we have so many memories from our times together and I am so blessed to have them as my friends and cousins.
I'm posting more about our weekend over on our family blog, but here are a few of the "girl" moments we captured on camera.

On Christmas Eve we spent a little time at Goodwill before heading over to join everyone else at Pizza Hut for dinner.
Teresa, Victoria, Ally, Kenzie, Naomi, Tiffany, Allison, Dorcas, Hannah, Rhoda, & Mary
(I attempted to put the camera on timer, but by the time I started the 10 seconds and got it positioned on the van hood...I only had about 2 seconds left to run across the parking lot and join everyone else. After one try I gave up =))
I love this picture. =) They were all obviously deep in thought.....
And here's all of us at Pizza Hut
(my dear aunt arrived so we put her behind the camera)
We had the annual "teenage & older" girls night at the grandma house. (for those of you who don't know, a "grandma house" is an amish tradition-a little house that amish families build onto their homes for their parents to live in. This little house is built onto the house where my dad grew up and is where my great-grandma lived before she died. Now it is mostly empty and is used as a guest house of sorts)
It is always the perfect place for us rather noisy girls....we can be as loud as we want, as long as we want...and we don't keep anyone else awake because we're in our own little house. =)
This year....we got off right away into some deep discussions about convictions/standards/guidelines/etc and that kept going until probably 12:30am, at which point Allison and Naomi declared they were too tired to stay awake any longer so they left to go sleep in the adjoining house.
(interesting note: we learned the following morning that the "too-tired-to-stay-with-the-party" Allison & Naomi went to bed and proceeded to talk for the next hour and a half. much for being tired!)
Those of us remaining got launched into an extremely interesting personality evaluation of Tiffany. (our goal was to evaluate all of us girls over the weekend, but it didn't happen)
This is a personality test where there are four different options for a variety of strengths/weaknesses.  You have to check one out of each set of four and then add up all your points to figure out if you are 
A} Choleric
B} Sanguine
C} Melancholy
D} Phlegmatic
If you've never done this, or studied it, you simply must! It is SO fascinating to know what you are, and what those around you are....its very helpful in learning to get along with and relate to your family, especially.
At some point we began to get really crazy. Here we were attempting a self-portrait, but Dorcas (who had set the camera on timer) was in such a hurry to get into her position that she tripped, sending us all into hysterical laughter and resulting in the above expressions.
Enjoying blankets, coffee, and another good discussion on Grandma's porch swing, Christmas evening.


  1. Oh so many fun memories!!:) Loved all the discussions/talks, etc!! :) Cousins who can connect on a heart level are a precious blessing!!
    ♥ Dorcas

  2. Oh, how fun!! I love that picture of us all crazily laughing!:) So many fun, good, memories!! Love you!! Rhoda

  3. Wow Chels! did you have to put that awful picture on of me with my tongue hanging out?:)...
    I think the picture I laugh the hardest at is the one where we are all laughing hysterically:) such wonderful memories those are:)

  4. Looks like bunches of fun and memories! Time with sisters in Christ is always such a blessing. =) What a blessing to have so many cousins around your age with similar thoughts and convictions, etc! Thanks for sharing. =)


  5. Where do you take the personality test? I'd love to do it!

  6. wow!! so many memories! i like totally burst into laughing when i saw that one where Dorcas tripped!! i am so blessed 2 have such wonderful cuzins!!

  7. Such fun pictures...and I can hear you all laughing....a very special Christmas indeed! -Aunt W.

  8. this post is so fun! :-)

  9. oh, that was Marissa, by the way!

  10. I love this post sounds like you all had fun. Oh and by the way Chelsy what camera do you have?

  11. Wow; I'm almost 2 decades older than you and found myself wishing I could join you......I guess women never really outgrow a desire for "girls nights". I'm glad you were able to encourage each other in the Lord and share ideas on the boy-girl stuff; SO much more refreshing than I remember as a teen; better than the "who do YOU like? Come on; there MUST be someone!", etc

  12. The pictures were great. This reminds me of what me and my friends do at the summer camp we work at.

  13. Shalom Miss Chelsea! What an interesting blog you have and lovely family! I found your blog from the Bright Lights website and the Duggar family TV show. I also love reading about the Amish people and homesteading. I am curious, as Bontrager is a very very common Amish/Penn Dutch Name, is your family of Amish extraction?


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