Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hello all!
Obviously the scrumptious saturday deal is over. 
I am disappointed that I didn't make the full 8 weeks but I am surprised that I kept it going as long as I did so I guess its not all bad. I got close, at least!

This past week has been full to the brim. Preparing to leave my home for 3 months.....lots of music practice w/ my siblings in preparation for the tour....sewing.....a formal banquet..... a surprise birthday party last Saturday with my sister and 10 dear friends (I'll be posting more about that *fabulous* time later).....Christmas preparations (can't WAIT to see these dear cousins who are coming!).....more sewing.....lots of time spent mailing out cds and promotional packets.....a birthday party for a sibling.....accompanying for the community choir performance.....and a huge cooking disaster one hour ago. 
*frowns and smiles inserted here in rapid succession of each other as I remember how horrible it was at the beginning...and how hilarious at the end*
 (more on that to come later as well. Stay tuned. Its a hummer of a story. =))
I may be missing many additional adventures but those are the few that come to my mind at the moment. Life is never dull on the farm! 
Have a blessed weekend, all! I'll be back after Christmas! =)



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