Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm posting this picture ONLY because it is part of a bargain I was coerced into, and not by my choice.
Just to clarify. =)
So. In Octber we were in Shipshewana with some friends, and one of them unofficially ended up being the photographer for the weekend. She later sent me some of the photos she took...including this one, and also another picture she had found from long, long ago. She said the "long, long ago" picture was only for me to laugh at, and that I was NOT allowed to post it. Of course the minute I saw that photo I knew it HAD to go on the blog. So I responded pleading (with all my skill) that she PLEEEEEASE give me her permission to post that photo, and that I would send her chocolate if she would! In the email, I also commented on the other photos she had sent, and, among other things, I told her that the above photo of me was HORRIBLE and that I hated it.
She promptly emailed back saying that she would discuss it with our other friend who had also been in the "long, long ago" photo, and they would let me know.
I was left to agonize over the outcome of their decision....
Finally they emailed, with this conniving and utterly unkind bargain-
I could post "long, long ago" if I promised to send them both chocolate...
AND post that AWFUL picture of me!
I was horrified and again tried my usually successful pleading skills...but this time to no avail. They were determined to make me post it.
Enough said.
(amazingly enough, I still love them both dearly....and will return the *unkind* favor if the opportunity ever comes my way. =))


  1. Sounds like a fun bargain! :)
    I just wanted to "comfort you" by saying that I think that picture is really cute!! :) (and I'm not joking!)
    I LOVE the hat!

  2. LOL! I agree with Jen! it's a cute picture!
    I love reading you posts! they always put a smile on my face :)
    God Bless!

  3. =)
    But I think you look gorgeous in every photo, Chelsy! You ladies are so beautiful inside and out...okay?? =)


  4. I love the picture! I totally agree with everyone else.
    Maddy H

  5. See Chels, you are the only one who doesn't love the picture!
    And by the way ... I haven't received the promised chocolate yet. We'll have to take care of that when we see you in May!!!
    Love ya :)
    Aunt Dee (and Marilyn)


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