Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alesha & Allison

 Don't they look alike?


  1. Such beautiful ladies (inside & out!) and photography! I'm so glad I was able to meet them and see you again this past year...what a blessing! My...yes, they do look alike! =) Love them all! Blessings, Chels!

  2. Hi Chelsy! I have loved reading your blog! Yes, they do look a lot a like! They are both so beautiful!! My only question, how do they fix there hair like that? It is soo beautiful!!


  3. Are they cousins of something? Wow -- their hair IS beautiful, like Kristiana said. How DO they do it? BTW, I love Allison's necklace! I enjoy your blog and have commented a time or two. =)

  4. Lovely ladies! Can Allison PLEASE do a hair tutorial on your blog?? ;)

  5. What lovely photos! And yes, they do look alike!
    I attend Family Fellowship Bible Church in Texas and your family is scheduled to come sing for us this month...we are really looking forward to seeing you all! :D

  6. Thanks so much Chelsy for posting these pics of Allison and I! :) Emily and I had such a fun time visiting you guys this summer and these pictures prove it! By the way... I think we look alike too! ;)

  7., Allison & Alesha are not related or anything....just "kindred spirits". =)
    Allison did both of their hair-do's. Hopefully I'll be able to twist her arm and get her to do a guest post hair tutorial sometime. =)
    And Allison's necklace came from an {amazing} thrift store in Saskatchewan, Canada. =)

  8. I came across your blog through your family's blog! First of all you are a really good photographer! Second of all, I'm not sure how Alesha is related to you....but I have never "met" anyone with the same spelling of name as me! How exciting! :) It's a good name!

  9. Hey can you get alli to do a hair tutorial!?!? I love her hair! you should both do one , you guys are so good at it!

  10. is that one of the dittmer girls?



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