Saturday, January 28, 2012

behind the wire

My heart is so full.
How can I describe this week in words?
How can I describe my thoughts as I walked behind these fences on Monday for the 32nd time in six years? 
How can I describe the honest JOY that filled my heart at the thought of what would happen during our three hours in prison each night?
How can I describe what it is like to see these men and women inmates broken before God?
How can I describe seeing God's power come down and literally, physically, heal the sick? 
How can I describe the fire of God that fell each night as my twenty-year old cousin passionately proclaimed the gospel and the truth of God's redemption and grace?
How can I describe singing to men and women who were weeping, laughing, shouting, and weeping again?
How can I describe the testimonies we heard every night from inmates?
How can I describe the church behind bars? How it is SO alive? How it puts our churches to shame? How it makes me want to know God more?
How can I describe all this?
I can't. Words can't express it....I just know that it changes me every time I experience it. 
I come away with a renewed sense of what I have in godly family....a renewed sense of God's glory.....a renewed sense of thankfulness.....a renewed sense of the POWER of Jesus in changing lives. heart is full!


  1. You said it so well. I'm so glad I was there to experience some of this with you. I still haven't processed everything about last was just such a God thing that I was there & how it impacted me. ~ Dorcas

  2. God is at work in them, and in You. May He be praised! When John Newton wrote Amazing Grace, the line "that saved a wretch like me" is certainly there for a reason! I hope and pray I remember that as I interact with those in my life I can easily consider "wretches" and remember how much God loves me, and loves them, and can love them through me as I seek him for wisdom.

  3. Oh, and happy 21st birthday, Chelsey! May God continue to work His will in your life.

  4. Oh, I get the 'holy goosebumps' just reading this. I remember my short time in prison ministry. It is an unforgettable experience.

    Happy 21st, niece!


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