Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rebecca Shania

This is my baby sister, Rebecca Shania. 
Tell me, people.....is she not the most adorable, darling child you have ever seen??
I love her to the moon and back....
(photo by GehmanPhotography)


  1. Wow Chels, she is way to cute! I miss her:)

  2. She is ADORABLE :) (but I think I would have to say, I have the cutest sister you have ever seen :0)

  3. She's so precious!! =) When I hear her singing "Jesus Loves Me" on the new CD, it almost always makes me smile!! =) Blessings, Chels!

  4. She is absolutely adorable! That how we feel about our little cousin (she's actually just like a niece to us), Nora. She is SO precious! She's getting toward the babysitting age too!
    We are going to see Courageous tomorrow night! I'm so excited!


  5. She is cute. Before I even read your post I was like "Awwwww! She's soo cute!" I'm the oldest of 4 girls (one that's 14 months) so I have to say that I have the cutest little sister:)So-rry!

  6. Your pictures areamazing! do come over!!


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