Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Matching Tradition
once again. this was time #4 for "the matching tradition". it is so fun!
we went to the mall and after about 50 stores and ??? dressing rooms we finally found something we all half ways liked. 
I personally tried on everything from an XS to an XL and everything in between, due to the differences in stores' clothing sizes.
I'm sure the clerks were laughing. I had to laugh myself. Our process of selection was, um, original.
Have you ever tried a shopping trip with all four of the personalities? 
Sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic?
It was quite humorous, the different way we each evaluated the situation.
Such as....
"I LOVE this shirt!! Its so my color!! You all love this, right girls?" exclaims the sanguine
"I just don't know if I should get a medium or a large. I want something I'll like. I want it to fit me. I like my shirts a certain fit," debates the melancholy
"I like this one. But you don't? Which one do you like? Well, yes, I like this one....but that one is really pretty! We can get that one. I like them both," reassures the phlegmatic.
"Girls! We're running out of time! Lets just all agree and get something," states the choleric.
This is not word-for-word accurate get the idea.
Through all of that.....we actually ended up matching. =)
It was such a party.
 Love you ladies! I love your personalities and how we have so much fun when we're together!  Can't wait til next time! 


  1. cute post!!!love the pictures.


  2. oh how fun! miss you guys horribly....can't wait to see you when you get back!

  3. PRETTY!!!! Purple is my favorite :)

  4. I can just imagine it! All 4 personalities..hmm, I never thought about the fact that you would have all 4 in that purple bunch. I got each one [easily] figured out.

  5. That sounds like so much fun! You ladies look great in that color.



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