Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ministry with Cousins

Three of my Bontrager cousins were at the prison crusade this year. Will was our evangelist and Dorcas and Naomi were in the same region as we were the last two days so it was wonderful to spend some time with them. 
Will got to be just like part of the family (to those of you who have had the misfortune of traveling with our know exactly what I mean) We are quite a rowdy, noisy, unconventional crew, and I'm afraid day #1 on the bus is always a little eye-opening and shocking to those coming in from the "outside". Seriously, folks, its not at all the glamorous ride ya'll think it is!
Will did a marvelous job blending in and in no time he was just another one of us. =) 
We had many long discussions about all sorts of things. Everything from prayer to healing to finding "the one" (or "the one" finding you) to missions to family to standards to the difference between teaching and preaching....was discussed, dissected, and determined.
Okay. Not quite.
But there is something very encouraging about talking about these life issues with other people who are going at it with the same guide as you---God's Word.
It is very uplifting and strengthening, and makes you want to know even more what you believe, and why you believe it. 
love you people!


  1. I haven't been to your blog in a while...but today I looked over the last several posts. Can I just say your siblings are ADORABLE!
    And a question, do you ever sing for teen prisons? I am looking into doing ministry in that area when I get back from Peru.

  2. Somehow i can just 'hear' the laughter that went with the picture.;)


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