Saturday, March 10, 2012

Remembering Sarasota.....

Our lovely kindred spirit introduced Alli & I to Station 400 while we were in Sarasota.
It is an incredible train-station-turned-restaurant.
Lovely place.
Lovely food.
And. Lovely people.
Most of all....deep, uplifting conversation.
Encouraging one another in pressing on.
Staying energized.
Following the call.
No matter how tired we get.
How discouraged we may become.
Or how unglamorous and unrewarding our calling may seem.
I left feeling refreshed.
And thankful for those people God drops in my life to challenge me and encourage me to continue in pressing upward for the goal!


  1. The food looks SOOO GOOD!!

  2. I love those times of sweet fellowship with friends or family in blessed bliss with wonderful conversation! Thanks for sharing it.

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  4. AHHH!! I never found out when you posted this! So, sorry about the late comment!
    OH! That was a day of days. I was rather on a high after Station 400, you two, and thrift stores. It was truly uplifting. I was blessed beyond words to have such a time with my dear Bontrager sisters.
    (beautiful food pictures, btw. I think they tasted even better then they looked, which is saying a lot. :))
    Love, Deborah.


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