Monday, November 5, 2012

Why All Christians Should Vote

(the following is an incredible article my younger brother wrote this fall. It was published in our local newspaper last week)


Why All Christians Should Vote

    We live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. All of us Americans are glad that we have freedom, but are we really grateful? What are we doing to ensure that the next generation will enjoy the same freedoms that we enjoy today? Do we really appreciate the sacrifice that our forefathers have made in order to give us freedom, and do we really appreciate the sacrifices that men and women are still making today in order to keep this country free? America is great, but only because of the great sacrifices that men and women have made throughout the history of this nation. If we desire to leave to our descendants the same freedoms that we enjoy, then we can not, we must not, sit idly by while our country disintegrates. One of the most basic things that every United States citizen is OBLIGED to do for his country is to vote. And while all US citizens should vote, I am simply going to address Christians.

    There are three basic reasons why all Christians must vote. First, it is our obligation to our forefathers. Over the past several hundred years, these brave men and women  sacrificed their comforts, fortunes, and even their lives to obtain and to protect America’s freedom. We are being extremely ungrateful if we neglect our duty to vote, thereby allowing radical socialists to take over our homeland.

    Second, we must vote because it is our obligation to our children and grandchildren. If we enjoy the freedoms that we have today, then we should vote for leaders who will strive to protect these freedoms. If we are seriously concerned about the future of America, we can’t sit idly by while our freedoms are being stripped away.

    Lastly, we must vote because it is our duty as Christians. While some Christians argue against voting on the basis that the Bible teaches against it, I argue for voting on the basis that the Bible teaches FOR it. You see, the argument that we are supposed to be set apart from the world is a poor argument for not voting. Rather, I believe that it is one of the strongest arguments for voting. You see, if we as Christians are to be set apart from the world, then why not vote for Godly leaders who will influence our nation for Christ? In my opinion, one of the strongest cases in the Bible for voting is found in Romans 13:1-4. Verse one says, “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” Verse four goes on to say that rulers are “the ministers of God to thee for good.” Since God has given power to our leaders, it is our responsibility to vote for people who won’t abuse their God-given power. God has given us one of the greatest nations in the history of the world, and you are laughing in his face if you do nothing while socialists run this nation into the ground. Nowhere in the Bible does God instruct us not to vote; we are actually neglecting a God-given responsibility by not voting.

    If you still decide not to vote, you should be ashamed of yourself for attending Fourth-of-July parades and picnics. You are being two-faced if you watch fireworks displays which remind us of our country’s freedom. Above all, you are being a complete hypocrite if you complain about the direction that our country is going, because if you don’t vote, then you are just as responsible for placing ungodly leaders in authority as those who voted them in. 
    If, however, you are concerned about the direction that our leaders are taking us, then please vote in the upcoming November elections. It is your duty to your country, to your descendants, and to God. This may be the last opportunity you will ever have (I am serious when I say this; four more years of our current leadership may finish this country off).

-Mitchell Bontrager, October 2012


  1. I thought this was very well written, and I very much agree with the points that Mitchell made here! However, in the second-to-last paragraph, I felt a slight sense of pride. It cannot be his job, nor mine, to pass judgement on others by calling them two-faced, hypocrites, and telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves. I admire him for being bold, as not many people have the courage to do so, but maybe the truth could have been given with a bit more tact, because some individuals may get defensive instead of being challenged. Please know that I am not trying to put Mitchell, nor his writing, down in any way, just making a point that he may not have considered. Otherwise, I enjoyed this and loved the Scripture-based points. God bless you!

  2. Job well done Mitchell...very well written :D

    Thanks for sharing this Chelsy :D

    Your invited to follow my blog!!!

    Serving HIM,

  3. Good job to your little brother, Chelsy. Glad to see that y'all are sticking with it. :)

  4. Wow! That's strong, Mitchell! Glad you had courage to speak up. Personally, I'm not going to demand others to vote if it's against their conscience, but I choose to vote and you did a great job on this. May God use you boldly for His Kingdom!


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