Saturday, December 22, 2012

4th Blog Birthday!!

 its been four years since this little blogger adventure of mine started. 
those four years have been filled with pretty much either feast or famine or something in between.
(in terms of how much or how little I have posted!)
its been a great outlet for my photography and random thoughts and I've enjoyed hearing from some of you readers from time to time.
To celebrate this occasion of four years of blogging....I would be thrilled if you 
(all of you, even the lurkers!)
would post a comment with 
1) your first & last name
2) the state you are from
 (or if from another country, your country)
3) anything else you might like to say =)
Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from all of you!


  1. Hello!
    Happy Birthday to you blog! : )
    I enjoy reading you posts and looking at your pictures (Which, by the way, are beautiful!)
    Hannah Ring

  2. Hello! This is Spencer R. from Nebraska. We went to one of your conferences awhile back and that's how I found your blog. Then we went to Family Camp... then you came to our house... then we went to family camp again... you get the picture :-)

  3. Haylie Meyer
    Hey...i saw you sing once, you're great. We are GREAT friends with the Ulmer's and Dwight and Anita Rokey. Amanda is one of my best friends. We also homeschool. if you want, follow my blog about our family.

  4. Hi Chelsey!

    Happy blog-day :) I like your blog!
    I´m from Germany and it´s interesting to hear and read about your family-life with God.
    My marked preference for photography was been recognized a bit in yours :)

    All the best wishes,
    Esther Ebert


    -My name is Michelle
    -I would rather not say where I live. Besides you already know.

    I hope you all have a W O N D E R F U L Christmas!!!

  6. Megan Froese
    I like your blog :)

  7. I'm a relatively new follower, but I've visited here from time to time. :-) My name is Melinda Pound and I'm from Oklahoma! I've been to a couple of your shows here.

  8. Hi, Chelsy! This is Beth Ender (formerly Schoenfelder! --- remember me?) from Minnesota . . . I just found out you have a blog and have been having fun checking it out. Love the green background and your new blog header! Lovely pictures of you, by the way. :)

  9. I just found your blog from Mrs Hoffert :) I love the pictures of you and your sisters, cousins and friends. You guys maintain modesty even in pj's. Love it...I've worn skirts all my life and its very encouraging to see other women looking so very cute and modest! Love your creativity!!
    Jessica H.
    Lexington, Ky

  10. It's been nice seeing more and more posts from you in the past few months with holidays and celebrations.

    Hope you enjoy having your blog.

    Rebecca Kellum from Missouri

  11. Hi Chelsey, it's Grace Rohlin from TX (from Commit). I have been so inspired following you and your family's blog. Love the new header too! :)

  12. Hey there! I write a blog over at
    I'm 18, and I'm from England. I love your photography, and gotta admit I'm fascinated by the big family insights :P

    Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  13. Hey, I am Kelsey from Colorado...:) Thank you for your sweet blog! Though I do not comment much, I do read every post! It is always a encouragement.

    Hope you day is filled with Hid amazing love:)

  14. Andrea Maendel
    Manitoba! :-)
    I enjoy keeping up with your blog! Looking forward to seeing you at Thousand Oaks this next Spring, Lord willing!

  15. Hi Chels! So far I haven't commented because I don't know you guys. :) we saw a poster for one of your concerts when we were visiting family in PA. We didn't have a chance to go, but I did check you out. So here I am! My name is Heather and I live in Kentucky. Your blog is encouraging, if for no other reason, you love The Lord and want to serve him. That's such a blessing to me. :)

  16. Hi Chelsy,
    I am so glad to know you and call you my friend and sister in Christ! You are such a special friend!
    Merry Christmas!

    Love in Christ,
    Marie M. :)
    from Central Iowa, USA

  17. Elizabeth Weller
    Your posts are always so full of life!

  18. 1) Katrina
    2) Ontario, Canada
    3) I remember seeing you at the Radiant Purity Conference in Minneapolis last year. I didn't get to meet you, but I learned about your family's music (which is great!) I love your blog, and I find it very encouraging. Merry Christmas and God bless you!

  19. My name's Bethany McGraw and I live in Florida. My dad is a Pastor, (the church's website is linked to my name), and my sister, her husband, and their son are missionaries to Alaska. Your blog has been an encouragement and I hope you have a Merry Christmas! :D

  20. Oh, by the way, I love your family's music! Y'all all play real good and I really enjoy listening to y'all's songs. :D

  21. Kristin Gintert from Iowa.... Your blog has been a blessing! Keep it up :-)

  22. Lizzie Ebersole from...Wellman IA! about five miles from Chelsy!(; I enjoy coming on here and seeing some of your everyday life! Some of my favorite posts, are when you siblings all get together in the kitchen on Christmas eve? day..? And you all make some kind of goody!(; A neat tradition to have!

  23. Jennifer Pauls
    Manitoba, Canada
    Love your blog!! :)

  24. 1) Maria Hanson
    2) I moved back to Iowa last year after being gone for 11 years.
    3) I am a wife, a mother and a lover of photography. And I love Jesus.

  25. Hayley, New Zealand. I find your lifestyle fascinating and inspiring. So different from anyone near where I live. Love the photos and your thoughts/insights on life.

  26. Mary Ebersole from Welllman, IA... Sister to Lizzie! :) I didn't know if I should comment on here since my sister already did... but I was like, well, I enjoy her blog so much so I might as well!!! Keep it up!! Your post are soo interesting! God bless you, Mary

  27. A) Bianca Jago
    B) Auckland, New Zealand
    C) Love your blog and your family's music :) If you're ever passing by, you guys should do a concert here!! :P :D

  28. 1) Rachelle Schrock. 2) Oklahoma. 3)I love your blog and have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  29. Hey Chels!
    It's me...Kaylee Morris from Iowa! :)
    You know me, so I don't think I'll write my bio here! ;p
    I'm so excited about this new year! You never know when something... [cough] "interesting" might happen! :) *hint*
    Yours Truly~

  30. Gladys Dueck
    I enjoy your posts.

  31. Des Moines, IA
    Hi Chels. It has been encouraging to me, in visiting your blog, to see a sister in Christ who is likeminded. I see you have an interest in design concepts. This last week I built a website for my business. I have been asking customers, friends and family for input as to the design and functionality of the website; as I have never built a website before. If you get a chance, please check it out; and if you have thoughts and ideas, don't be shy.

  32. Kaylie Lapp
    New York!
    Merrryyyy Christmas dear girl!!

  33. (1 Kalean
    (2 Ottumwa,Iowa
    (3 I absolutely love your blog! I discovered your blog through Adria Joneses and I pop in once in awhile and update myself on your posts. :) God has blessed you with a gift for photography. And it was such a blessing to see your whole family performing and serving at the MABC LACP! I go with my family every year and I think it gets better every year-it is such a HUGE blessing! I met your sister Ali at Our Time this year after your family performed. I so enjoy your music-it makes me want to learn how to play the banjo or violin myself! I wanted to come to your family's Labor Day picic but it just didn't work out. Alright, I am finished rambling now. Have a Merry Christmas!!


  34. Chels, I love to see your creativity and talent on here. You are one of the BEST writers I know, and your photos are amazing. I love that you are totally ok with not posting for long lengths of time when you just don't have time. You have inspired me in so many ways, and I am thrilled to be your sister!


  35. Happy blog birthday, Chels! *smile* This is Elizabeth from the same state as you. =) You are such a huge blessing and encouragement to me, Chelsy! And it's a blessing to read updates here on the blog. =) Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas, rejoicing in our Savior! So thankful for you, my friend...hope you are having a fabulous day!

    With Joy in Christ,
    Nehemiah 8:10b- "...for the joy of the Lord is your strength."

  36. I love reading your blog. You have a wonderful family. God bless,
    Peggy Sanfacon

  37. Hi I'm Naomi Schrock and I'm currently living in CO and I would be delighted if you would come visit me sometime. :)

  38. Hey Chels!
    So I'm Baylie Wintle from Arkanasas. :o)
    I've enjoyed following your blog...happy birthday to you!
    Miss you!

  39. We love your family's music, your values. We love to check out your blog and family site, see what you guy's are up too. Your photography is great, what a gift. Have a wonderful Christmas. Jason & Lenka & Patrick Mayo. England, United Kingdom.

  40. I think you know me quite well-we've been spending a lot of time together lately. I love all the chats we've been able to have in the last couple months of working together and I'm going to miss you when you all leave for the sunny south and we stay here and freeze.

  41. Hi
    I'm Anna from London, UK, I love your blog and your family's as well, I love your photos and reading about living on a farm with your big family!

  42. Hi Chelsy! This is Sara Fraser from northern MN - we met last summer at one of your family's concerts at Northern Bible Church, and later got know you a bit better while helping with the Bright Lights conferences in Minneapolis. We also got to visit a bit at the Berge's music festival this summer. I enjoy checking out your blog from time to time... my family has been up to NYP in Dryden, ON and met Jon Loewen last summer. It was a surprise to see that he married your cousin! We appreciate your family's ministry. Keep serving the Lord and shining His light with joy. Merry Christmas!

  43. Melody Stahl
    I really enjoy your blog, it is uplifiting and fun!

  44. Hannah Tate
    Love to you Chels!
    God bless!

  45. Tanna Boshart
    Iowa--just across the field:)

  46. My name is Megan. I am from NY and I attend Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church. Now I regret that I did not take the opportunity to meet you and your family. But I really enjoyed seeing your family sing for us when you visited there with the Duggars. :) I did purchase a CD from Mitchell after the concert, and I listen to the songs all the time. :) I would love to hear you all sing again(and also talk to you!) and hope that Brother Daniel Pollard will set something up wit you all again in the future. Also, I love reading your blog. It is very encouraging. God Bless! Keep living for Jesus.

  47. My name is Charis and I'm from KS. Not even sure exactly how I found your blog but I know several families who know you all...I love photography and love to get new ideas from other people so that's my favorite thing you post! blessings as you live and serve our Savior Jesus!

  48. My name is Alisha. I'm from the East Coast and I absolutely *love* your family's music!! We briefly met when you and your family did a concert at a mennonite church here on the East Coast. Do you think that you and your family will be coming this way any time soon?

    Happy blog birthday and you are invited to follow my blog :D

    Serving HIM,

  49. I'm Cheyne and I've been following your blog since very near the beginning.

  50. Hi Chelsy! Stefani Longo from Green Lake Wisconsin. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your family at our first ever family camp this year. We can't wait till next year!!

  51. Howdy! ;) I am Amanda Rokey from the great crazy state of Kansas! I live and work on a dairy farm and I also am a barista at a coffee haus...which btw I extreamly love!! I dont know when i started following your blog but its prob been about since you started it! My parent have know yours by being in the dairy bisness in all but i have met ya'll a couple of times...not sure if you know or remember it but yeah! Love your blog and your updates!!!!

  52. Clarissa Epps. Virginia. First time here!

  53. I'm Marie, from France...I discovered your blog through your parents blog and it was this summer I think. I love your family's music and the way you're dedicated to serving the Lord and honoring Him with your life. Your clothing is also a great encouragement for me !
    If you have time you can stop by my blog which is written in French AND in english, where I share my crafting projects and some of my life...
    By the way Happy New Year and my the Lord bless you and your family richly during the coming year !

  54. Happy blog birthday!


  55. P. S.
    I love your new pictures!

  56. Hello!!! I'm Brianna Bourne and I live in the great state of Texas. :)

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You are such an encouragement to me, so thank you very much. Keep up the good work, and happy 4th blog birthday!! :)

  57. Hey Chels! HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!! :)
    My name is Kerri Pauls.
    I live in Manitoba Canada.
    I REALLY enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with the family :) keep it up!
    God bless you!!!

  58. The Groves from VA read your blog :) Can't wait to see you all soon!!!!

  59. hey Chels!
    I love your blog, am so glad God let our families' paths cross, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in like a month!! Yayness! God bless!
    Lana Wilson

  60. I know this is late, but I enjoy reading your blog. I remember you or your parents talking about a tour through the Canadian prairies this summer; I hope that does happen and I get to see you in person.
    Juanita from Manitoba, Canada

  61. Dear Chels,

    Thank you for writing such an inspiring and God centered blog. You are such an inspiration to me. I briefly met your family (and bought one of your family's fabulous CDs) & the Duggar family at a concert & church service in NYC two summers ago. I am so grateful for that experience.

    Ali Marciano, PA

  62. Katie Garraway, Washington, IA :)
    I love your blogs (yours and the family's) - your photography is beautiful and I enjoy reading about and seeing photos of your travels and adventures! Miss you guys!

  63. Kerry Elias Manitoba, Canada Can't wait to see you in summer!

  64. Hi! I know this is real late, but that shows just how recently I have started looking at your blog! :) i think i won! jajaja, I think I am the one that is farthest from you! My name is Nataly Mole and I am from the wonderful ARGENTINA! I have friends, family and others who live in USA, I homeschool (reason why I know English :) ) and love to find new blogs!! I found your family's through someone else's, then found Mitchell's and now yours!! You are a beautiful family, i love to read about you and I simply LOVE pictures!!! So you just MUST post LOTS of pictures for me!! :) God bless you!!!!!

  65. Hey! My name is Laura Kaye Woolington. I live in South Carolina. I stumbled across your family blog after seeing a video of your family singing on youtube. After reading through that blog I came over to yours and now you can see I have read through your whole year! haha! Any ways I am 19,the second oldest of 2 boys and 5 girls! We are/were all home schooled. I like your blog because I immediately clicked with you and your sister in that I love to do hair (In fact I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been working in a salon a year now.) and I saw that Alli likes to make jewelry! I make and sell jewelry as well! And you are just fun to read! :)


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