Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Live Animal Christmas Play Recap...

it is over. 
and I miss it!
the 2012 Live Animal Christmas Play recording practices, dress rehearsals, and five public showings are all over, and I am once again living at home. =)
I loved every minute of it---intense hours of practicing lines, recording parts over and over again, learning cues, making embarrassing mistakes (okay, did not enjoy that!), and getting to work with the amazing people at my church---it was an incredible experience and one that I am so grateful for!
Its like the beginning of how God is answering my prayer/dream of acting, and its been amazing!
Getting to act lead parts with my younger sis was just like the frosting on the cake. =)
I posted more pictures & a video clip over on my family's blog!


  1. Love your new blog header Chelsy! You're very beautiful! :) ♥ u!

  2. We were so blessed by the play...what an amazing production! =) And you did such a fabulous job, Chels. *smile* Blessings!


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