Monday, December 10, 2012

Wedding Preview!

the beautiful day, December 1st, is now history. 
my cousin dearie has gone and become a Mrs! 
it was a *most* fabulous day... that I enjoyed tremendously and will treasure the memories of for many years to come.
I was delighted to discover tonight via another cousin...that some of the incredible images are online!
Here are a few, with more to follow at a later date.
{courtesy of DarylMusserPhotography}
the bride with her girls
left to right...Lisa, myself, Marissa, Kendra, Sarah Liz, & Karla
the bridal party
super cute shoes...grey for the bridesmaids, pink for the bride
one of my favorites right here. =)


  1. !!!!! aah! this is so absolutely gorgeous! goodness I could go on and on...LOVE everything--her dress, your dress [with that awesome flower/belt thing] and the adorable tiered flower girl dress. so awesome! can't wait to hear more about it someday, and it was awesome to see you last weekend, although only for a few minutes. :) xo -H.

  2. Beautiful, Chels! I love the color scheme, and your dress turned out so well! I think the last two pictures are my the ballet flats...what a cute idea!

  3. So beautiful! Love them, Chels! Marissa looked stunning, as did you, my friend!

  4. Wow, how beautiful! And what a radiant bride!
    Thank you so much for sharing this- you have no idea how much of an encouragement godly marraiges are to me.
    Katrina Marie

  5. Wow. This is georgeous. What more can be said? I am NOT a pink kinda girl, but man, you guys pulled it off perfectly! It's so beautiful! More pictures? SURE!!! :)

  6. Agh,one could die from so much beauty. Your cousin looks radiant! I love your hairstyle Chelsy. :)

  7. Those were great pictures. What a happy bride. I like the colors even though I'm not a pink fan.

  8. LOVE !!! Can't wait to see more !!! What a beautiful winter wedding !!!

  9. Oh. Wow! Marissa is a beautiful bride! And happy too! You did a great job on your dress, Chelsy. The pink is so pretty and well coordinated with the bridal white and the snow outside.

    Can't wait to see more!


  10. Oh, Chelsy, these pictures are simply beautiful! It sounds like it was quite the special, memorable day. =) (And the flowers, dresses, snow, and shoes in these pictures? So much loveliness!) You are so radiantly beautiful, inside & out, my friend! =) Blessings, Chels! (p.s. We were so blessed by the play on saturday! And looking forward to seeing you next week, Lord willing! *smile*)

  11. Oh, I love those pink shoes!! so adorable! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. :-)

  12. Good pictures! Like the new blog header!



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