Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My friend, Hannah & I, did a double shoot together last spring.
As fellow photographers we were talking about how we never end up on the OTHER side of the camera. 
{serious problem}
In discussing that, we had the great idea that we could take pictures of each other.
Finally now I'm posting the pictures I took of her.
She posted the ones of me last summer. See them here!
Little introduction on Hannah...she is an amazing person. 
She has this depth of love for people around her.
She is one of the most encouraging people I know and is always upbeat, even if she's up to her ears and BURIED in work!
She loves life and creating something beautiful of out anything and everything.
Her and her camera have this bond that is pretty incredible.
She is also designs some pretty stellar stuff. 
(among other things...my new blog look was all Hannah's doing! 
as well as our family blog header and the Turning Hearts brochures from the last couple of years)
 Just to name a few of the things we have in common...
1) love of photography
2) love for girls conference ministry
3) love for creativity 
4) love for God
5) LOVE LOVE LOVE for all things Jane Austen & Elizabeth Gaskell. 
and last but not least, we both have an ABUNDANCE of little brothers. =)
(she's got seven brothers, & I have six)
And we both love them to death most of the time. =)
Gorgeous...I LOVE her expression on this one.

LOVE how she totally can pull of the urban, indian princess look....beautiful!!
love you, girl!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Losing Life

Last week was a difficult week for my family.
My mother miscarried my new little sibling and another little life was added to our four other babies in heaven.
It has been especially hard since we have all been praying for so long for another sibling and when we found out last month about this pregnancy, we were {beyond} excited.
People probably think that with there being so many of us, another baby is just "another one" to add the the already huge number of us, and that it isn't as exciting.
Nothing could be farther from the truth!
It seems that every time we hear that a new baby is on the way we are even more excited than the previous time, impossible though that seems.
Anyway, my little sisters are full of questions, wondering why God would take away the baby that they've been praying for so long.
My nine-year old sister came to me the other day with the regular questions about the miscarriage, and a new one:
"Chels, why are there people who don't want babies, and prevent having them, and then us, who want more babies, can't have them? It isn't fair!"
The same question has gone through all of our minds.
Why do some people choose to limit God?
How can people think that they are more capable than God to "plan" out what they think they can handle?
And strangest of all..
how can people possibly NOT want the blessing and joy of babies?
It simply blows my mind.
I cannot understand it.
 maybe its how we've been raised that makes my siblings and I think so differently from the general population on this.
maybe its because we've experienced the joy of babies in our house so many times.
maybe its because we understand the truth of "the more, the merrier"!
maybe its because we've all read and memorized Psalm 127, which leaves no doubt in our minds that babies are, well, just exactly what God says they are.
We're gonna keep praying that God would send us more babies!
And in the meantime, I look forward to someday meeting our five little angel babies who are waiting for us in heaven!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cousin Joy

It is pretty much total loveliness when three cousins drive five hours and show up at the Christmas Play you are in and you had NO CLUE they were coming!
(yes. I yelped with surprise and joy!!In front of 500 people...)
It is very exciting when they announce that they are staying for for three days!
Then it is also pretty wonderful when another cousin gets off school for the afternoon, and your fabulous aunt takes off from her busy schedule and takes all of you shopping.
The joy culminates at Caribou in a scrumptious hour of mochas and a jam session of the female minds & tongues. =)
(forgive the grainy phone picture...thats what happens when I forget to take my SLR along!)