Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My friend, Hannah & I, did a double shoot together last spring.
As fellow photographers we were talking about how we never end up on the OTHER side of the camera. 
{serious problem}
In discussing that, we had the great idea that we could take pictures of each other.
Finally now I'm posting the pictures I took of her.
She posted the ones of me last summer. See them here!
Little introduction on Hannah...she is an amazing person. 
She has this depth of love for people around her.
She is one of the most encouraging people I know and is always upbeat, even if she's up to her ears and BURIED in work!
She loves life and creating something beautiful of out anything and everything.
Her and her camera have this bond that is pretty incredible.
She is also designs some pretty stellar stuff. 
(among other things...my new blog look was all Hannah's doing! 
as well as our family blog header and the Turning Hearts brochures from the last couple of years)
 Just to name a few of the things we have in common...
1) love of photography
2) love for girls conference ministry
3) love for creativity 
4) love for God
5) LOVE LOVE LOVE for all things Jane Austen & Elizabeth Gaskell. 
and last but not least, we both have an ABUNDANCE of little brothers. =)
(she's got seven brothers, & I have six)
And we both love them to death most of the time. =)
Gorgeous...I LOVE her expression on this one.

LOVE how she totally can pull of the urban, indian princess look....beautiful!!
love you, girl!


  1. I love HANNAH!! She is such an amazing person!<3 Such lovely photos of her! :)

  2. You and Hannah are both such amazing photographers and I've been so inspired by the wholesome, beautiful work that both of you do! My favorites in this post are probably #6, 7, 10, 12 and 16. =) And your new blog design is SO beautiful, Chels! Much love and many blessings, my friend! Hope you are having a simply wonderful birthday! <3

  3. I love these pictures!!! My favorites are probably 2,7,9, and 13. And I like the last one also. :) You are both very beautiful!!!!

  4. Nice pictures, Chels! :) A Belated Happy Birthday for the 29th! :)

  5. Sweet, nice, pretty pictures.

  6. Fantastic Pictures! Who took the last one though?


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