Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Currently drinking in some much-needed and long awaited total quiet time of just me by my lonesome at my favorite coffee shop.
with me I have my Bible, journals, laptop, budget book,
 and a stack of blank notecards waiting to be filled....
oh. and the yummy part...
a steamy hazelnut mocha that the barista, a friend of mine, wouldn't let me pay for. =)
so here I am, greatly enjoying the above corner and atmosphere
while I sit and relax.
outside it is chilly and rainy and inside this cozy place, surrounded by coffee smells and christian music playing in the background, is the perfect place to be on such a day.
This year I've taken on a very intense challenge---reading the Bible through in three months. A friend of our family's has given a similar challenge especially to young people and for quite some time I've been wanting to do it. 
thus far, it has been so eye-opening and such a wonderful experience.
I honestly thought that reading such quantity at a time would make it harder to focus and get much out of what I was reading, but it has been exactly the contrary.
Its like the more I read the more things jump off the page at me and grip me like never before.
Especially when I was reading the first several books of the Bible the beginning of last month, I felt like everyday I was gleaning new truths and finding details in the stories of Abraham, Noah, & Moses, that I had honestly never noticed before.
I've learned so much and am just continually amazed at how faithful God is to expand His Word to me and show me so much!
I intended to post about this long ago and to do weekly posts about what I was learning but that hasn't happened, obviously. 
With all thats been going on I just have a hard time getting posting done on a regular basis.
But anyway, now that I'm finally posting about it,
I do want to share a few verses from Joshua.
This book came alive to me as I was reading it.
{and it is my current favorite}
So many powerful promises and challenges and they all
Isn't that awesome?
So here are a few verses that I especially just loved. 
{Joshua 23:3,6,&10}
"And ye have seen all that the Lord your God hath done 
unto all these nations
 because of you
for the Lord your God is He that hath fought for you....
Be ye therefore very courageous to keep and to do
 all that is written in the book of the law of Moses,
 that ye turn not aside therefore
 to the right hand or to the left....
One man of you 
shall chase a thousand for the Lord your God, 
He it is that 
fighteth for you, 
as He hath promised you."
I LOVE those verses!
what rich truth....
He is the Lord MY God...He will do these thing to the nations BECAUSE OF ME living for Him.
I am called to be VERY COURAGEOUS.
I am to chase a THOUSAND for the Lord.
(I wonder if that could refer to witnessing? or refuting the powers of spiritual darkness by prayer? not sure but still pondering that one...I'd be open to thoughts from you, my blog readers)
And lastly, just think of the awesomeness of this....
He It is that FIGHTETH for me...
as He has PROMISED me.


  1. What a lovely cozy corner and what an awesome challenge! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Chelsy,
      I have been so encouraged by this post you shared, and I am thinking and praying about the possibility of joining you for the 3 month Bible reading challenge. I wondered if you were reading straight through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, or are you doing Old and New Testament reading every day?
      Thanks for sharing! Your family is truly an inspiration to us. I'm not sure if you will remember our family, but since you guys came to our church (First Baptist Las Colinas in the Dallas area), a friend and I have been motivated to hold each other accountable in the area of Scripture memory....we are memorizing Ephesians now, and I pray that this habit of memorizing Scripture will continue for the rest of my life.

      Smile! :)
      Kate Bridges
      In His presence is FULLNESS of joy....

    2. Hey Kate...

      you are so welcome. I'm thrilled if this post encourages anyone else to do the same challenge!
      I'm mostly reading straight through. While I was in the the Leviticus/Numbers/Deuteronomy section I also read from Psalms, to offset the geneologies a little bit and help me stay focused. =) My brother is also doing the challenge and he is reading in four different places at once, several in the New & several in the Old testament.
      I love the idea of accountability with a friend in the area of scripture memory! Great idea!
      We LOVED singing at your church, and getting to see you and everyone else we knew there. =) Looking forward to seeing you again in April @ Big Sandy!


  2. Hi Chelsey,
    just want to stop an' say howdy and I really enjoy your family's music and blogs. By the way, have you heard of Nathan Clark George? He is a folk artist who, primarily, takes scripture and puts it to music.

    Ahh coffee...(yes, I am a big coffee fan)
    anyway, I did the through the Bible in three months, too. It was a challenge, but enjoyed it, hope you do as well.

    God bless!

    AH--a fellow Homeschooled grad!

    1. I believe I have heard of him...didn't Franklin Springs Media do a dvd about him??

  3. Wow! Bible in three months? A very fruit-bearing but self-disciplinary effort. God bless and guide you in it.

    Yes, it's so nice sometimes to have some quiet solitude and reflect on what God's done for us but also what He might want us to do, and how He is using us.

    Personally, I don't drink coffee -no conviction against it- just don't really care for it. But that's just my personal preference.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Love, Rebecca


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