Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life This Morning

I spent the last three days in Washington DC.
While it was a great experience, I was SO ready to get out of that city!
For a country girl like me, it was getting a little claustrophobic so be surrounded constantly by SO many people and vehicles. 
As usual we blew all the "normal" codes and our bus spent most of the time there parked right beside the Washington Monument. =)
 In that whole time we only had one policeman knock on our doors, so that was a blessing.
More on the time there watching our family blog for pictures and such in the upcoming days.
late last night we left and when I woke up this morning we were parked outside of a Starbucks in Reston, VA. 
So this morning I 
1) worked on computer projects
2) had a "vision" meeting with my father
(fyi-a vision meeting is when two visionaries discuss various possibilities and dreams. 
its also something that happens CONSTANTLY in our rather visionary family =))
3) consumed a deliciously scrumptious peppermint mocha frappe. =)


  1. Always love seeing your updates, Chels..and that you guys, are like, still alive! Just kidding. SO stoked to see you soon when you get back...thinking of you and will continue to pray as you finish your tour! :) ♥ Hannah

  2. The city is always a little much for me too. :) Glad you got some down time....and I assume Starbucks makes it better.:)

  3. I love reading your updates, Chelsy!! :) What fun to be in DC! I've always wanted to go there! :)
    Me and my Dad are super visionaries, and I can totally relate. :)

  4. hey, you guys were less then an hour from my house!!! I wanted to come hear y'all sing so bad, but I had other things going.:( Hope y'all come back to VA before to long again.:)
    Janelle Horner

  5. Hi Chelsy,
    I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but Starbucks does not support traditional marriage. The following link has the story.
    I was very disappointed when I heard it, as well.

    On a happier note, I love the "Sibling cooperation" video! How long did it take y'all to get it coordinated? Greatly enjoy the music. Hopefully, sometime y'all will have a concert closer.

    1. Yes, I have been aware for quite a while that Starbucks does not support traditional marriage. It is very disappointing
      However, Walmart, JCPenny, and a host of other stores don't support traditional marriage either (JCPenny just recently) and I still shop at those places. Everyone has to decide how the Lord would lead them to deal with situations like that.
      For me, I have chosen to instead be very vocal about what I believe in that area, instead of completely boycotting all those stores.


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