Friday, March 22, 2013

Sibling Love

 There's nobody in the world that I'd rather traipse around Washington DC with than my brothers & sisters!
It was so fun to dress and up walk all over the city and senate buildings together.
We probably looked like...I don't know what.
Although multiple people asked if we were singers. 
Wonder if we just have "the look", or what? =)


  1. Oh,you all look so awesome. I love the whole color scheme. Such a pretty blue.
    Siblings are awesome friends arn't they?!

  2. I love these pictures! I guess you must look like singers!(; thats interesting...(; Lizzie

  3. great picture of you all :D i'm glad y'all enjoyed DC! Y'all do look like singers lol (or maybe i'm saying that because i know you are :P)

    i'm inviting you to follow my blog :D

    love from,

  4. Great pictures!:) Siblings are wonderful!:)

  5. Hey Chelsie, I have thourghly enjoyed keeping up with yours and your familys blog! It is sooooo encouraging to me! I love these pictures and also the color scheme! Love and Prayers~Leah

  6. So fun to see updates from your tour, Chels! And, yes, siblings are such an awesome blessing. =) Blessings!!

  7. Love the dresses! But I just want to ask, did you buy them or homemade them?


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