Monday, April 8, 2013

Called & Qualified

"If God has called you, than He has QUALIFIED you."
{this thought was given to me by someone I met in the studio the other week}
I was (more or less) complaining about my inadequacy and how I felt so unqualified and unequipped at times in the areas of music and just different things w/ traveling.
After my little rant, this person looked me straight in the eye and told me,
"Don't you tell yourself that. If God has called you, than He has qualified you, and nothing can change that."
really made me stop and think.
and I wrote it down because I thought it was so profound, and I wanted to remember it.
seriously, just think about that today, in whatever you're doing....
if God is in it; if He has called you to it,
than you are totally qualified and ready for the job.
so go at it with everything you've got and do your best!


  1. Thank you for this lines!! I need it :)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful reminder!


  3. Thank you sister for those words, that is such a good point!! Very exciting to think about!! You are a very good piano player btw, one of my FAVORITES!!!! -Mary Ebersole

  4. Those are very encouraging lines. You are a very talented piano player and I love your family. Have a good week. Love you.

  5. Yes. "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
    Yes, you all have a great gift for music. Use it all to the glory of God!
    Thanks for posting this, Chelsy! What encouragement and challenge!

    Have a blessed week. Rebecca

  6. Encouraged me so much!! Thanks for the thoughts Chels!!

    Love love,

  7. Yes yes yes. Chelsy, so true. He is faithful.

  8. what a lovely post! I must admit, I became slightly wistful at the P&P part, and the road trip with all the gals, but.. :) it's okay. :)

  9. This is perfect and exactly what i needed. It's hard at times to remember this...but it is oh so true. I think i am going to have to write this down :)


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