Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Things

I've been thinking lately of how life would be different if we took more time to enjoy the simple things.
I love the concept of how people used to visit "back then", when life was simple....
you would drop in on your neighbor one afternoon.
your neighbor would put over a pot of tea or coffee and chat with you as she worked...perhaps while rolling out cinnamon rolls.
 After the rolls were baked the two of you would sit on the front porch with your coffee & fresh rolls, and savor the moments of friendship and life.
I want that world again.
that "back-then" lifestyle of old fashioned relaxing and enjoyment of the simple things.
I have to confess I find myself tiring of this world of facebook, myspace, twitter, texting, and ipods
and wishing for the simplicity of "life back then".
my thought lately has been that in spite of the revolving technology
and new concepts for a new time...
I can still return to those past traditions of simple things.
I want to take time to enjoy the "cinnamon rolls" of life.
the sweet and savory moments of investing in people's lives
through good old fashioned hospitality.
 one-on-one conversations.
DIY gift-giving.
the simple things.
We need to make time to enjoy those simple things in life.
I don't say "find time", because if you wait for your world to slow down it won't happen.
you have to make it happen.
I'm speaking to myself today...this is what I need to hear, what I need to remember.
Time with the people I love won't last forever.
I'll never look back and regret moments spent building relationships, making memories, cherishing moments.
I'll look back instead and wish I had done those things.
With God's help, I'll make the time...
and treasure this journey of life.



  1. Thanks for the lovely reminder! Time flies by so quickly . . . and you're right --- we never look back and regret the time we took to invest in the people we love and enjoy life.

  2. I agree. We try to do that. I like to try and bake something for someone as a surprise, then just take it to them or something like that.
    I like to write letters and notes of encouragement too.

    We should make time for relaxation and enjoy each other's fellowship.

    Cinnamon rolls sound nice and relaxing.


  3. Right on! You can stop in anytime. I won't promise the cinnamon rolls but I can fix some tea or coffee or a white chocolate mocha.:)

    1. that white chocolate mocha sounds delish. I could use some counseling right now...maybe I'll have to take you up on that sometime soon. =)

  4. That's one thing I really appreciate about the culture I moved into up here in Canada. What you mentioned IS a reality up here! Housewives know to have a chocolate stash in the cupboard and cookies in the freezer for those last minute drop-in guests. It IS a huge blessing, and one I think, like you said, needs to be cultivated more.

  5. You just said all the things I fell but can't express. Life and the world would be much better if we were all in ''life back then''.


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