Saturday, June 15, 2013

Look Out World!

above: ingredients for fun....
if you shoot with a can of tannerite as your target...
and you hit it....
you get a lovely big explosion.
yes, very fun!
yours truly shooting an AR15 for the first time=wonderful experience. 
no, its not mine.
I tried to convince my brothers that we need to buy one of these, yes?!
and can you believe it...horrible shot me hit the target and blew it up on shot #1! woot woot! 
I was so excited absolutely ecstatic! 
I almost didn't shoot at all-I did very badly at hunters safety course with my aim 
(early this spring) 
and I didn't want to waste ammo..
but then my younger sis shot and I had to try it out, too.
the smoke and haze following the blast. 
good stuff, yes.


  1. Wow! Your pretty amazing! ha....I better stay outta your way! Liz

  2. Oh my word Chels!! GOOOOOD job! I would be to scared to shoot one of those things!!! WOW! :) I am sure it was great to shoot it on your FIRST try! :) NICE! :)

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Woot! Woot! Congratulations are due to the intrepid miss Chelsy! =D I tried shooting and utterly failed. Maybe it's time to give it another try... Yes I think so! =D
    Love ya!

    Yours Truly...

    1. Doesn't it make you feel like you could conquer the world when you succeed at something on your first try???

    2. CHELSY!!! You have a dimple?!?!? Love it! You're just so amazingly gorgeous! =D
      three comments on one post, how bout that! ;P
      I'll try not to leave another one!

  5. Wow! looks like loads of fun! :)

  6. Go Chels! :) ♥you! Dorcas

  7. Awesome, Chelsy! About all I've shot is a .22 handgun, (ammo prices are so high!) but I want to shoot an AR someday. Eventually I will. They make me nervous but I enjoy shooting. :)


  8. Very nice... definitely looks like lots of fun.
    My dad and I recently bought parts for and built an ar15 for me to use as a hunting rifle. It was cool to see someone else with one!

    See you in September!

  9. God and guns don't mix.

    1. sorry that you're deceived in that... its so not true.
      also please give me your name-I hate discussing topics with "anonymous". =)

  10. hey chels! God and guns do mix. (I am not the anonymous that said the opposite)


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