Saturday, June 29, 2013


Above is Alli & I at the wedding we played at the beginning of this month.
We were both pretty wiped out from a crazy week, hence the rather tired smiles. 
Plus we got lost on the way to the wedding and ended up arriving quite last minute, which made for not exactly the most relaxed arrival scene. =) 
But we did make it.
and we did play all the music for the wedding.
and we did have a party!
I'm pretty confident it was the first wedding ever to have trumpet voluntary played with guitar. =)
{that's what happens when you use your imagination: classical with a country flair}
If I just had a little more time and a few more Saturdays at home, I think I could start my # ?? self-owned business venture. And it would be providing music for weddings, full time. 
There's no event that's quite as fun to play for as a wedding, people. Weddings are just the best.

One of the biggest blessings in my life right now is my siblings. I love them so much and am so grateful for the time we can spend together on the road.

I'm currently sitting in the bus, outside of a church in LaCrete, Alberta. 
My mosquito-biten/swollen legs are curled up under me, itching fiercely as usual.
Mapquest says I am 35 hours from home.
35 hours? 
We have been at this church all weekend; we had concerts here last night and tonight and we have one more tomorrow morning. It has been really different as we are used to going from place to place and never staying in one place very long. 
This has been a huge blessing.
The church has wifi, lots of quiet rooms, and a lovely kitchen.
{all wonderful blessings}
Some things about here are different. And then some are SO different.
For example. The sun is currently setting. And its 11:30pm.
My sister awakened to sunrise this morning at the bright and early hour of 3am. 

I've been spending a lot of time in my bunk lately. I get motion sickness quite badly here on the bus, so if we're driving during the day I'm usually in my bunk to avoid headaches and dizziness.
It's made for some great reading & praying time, and lots and lots of thinking time. =)
In my "thinking time", I've been dreaming and scheming about all sorts of ideas for this blog. I can hardly wait to get the ideas rolling and set in motion.
 This blog is gonna get a makeover one of these days! It may not be til I get home later on this summer, though-it all depends on available time and available wifi. =)

Til next time, friends...
have a beautiful Sunday, wherever you are!


  1. Hi Chels! You and you're sisters look so nice!

  2. Thanks for the update. I think I should shoot you an email!

  3. You girls are so beautiful in the first pic! love it! Liz

  4. Love the pictures. you are a very talented and beautiful young woman. love you and would love to see you again.

  5. Does Allison have a blog? if not she should have one.

    1. No, she doesn't. Yet. =) Maybe someday! I'll let her know that you vote for her to have one. =)

  6. Chels! I LOVE the first picture! I just LOVE it! miss you girls So much!

  7. Thank you so much for bearing with those mosquitos here in northern Alberta! :) I was very blessed to meet you and discover more people whose desire is Christ and Christ alone. May you continue to rejoice in HIM as you travel this summer!

    1. Great to meet you too, Lena! Thanks for commenting on here...and also for coming up to the table and intoducing yourself the other day! It was fun to chat about the Ludy's books & Ellerslie together. =)

  8. You two girls are just gorgeous! Inside and out! I love you two and miss you! And thanks for the interesting post Chels! I LOVE your post! -Mary

  9. So glad the music you played at the wedding went well...but considering you two were playing, of course it did! =) Glad your family's tour is going well - praying! Much love and miss you!

  10. Beautiful picture of you and Allison. About playing for weddings. If its God's will for you to do that more often, He will work it all out for you to do that. Praying for you all.


  11. Hi Chels... It was so good to meet you and your sis Allison here in
    Arborg when you sang at the Arborg Hall. Your music was great and
    your talents are awesome!!! Keep serving Jesus!!!
    Blessings, Loretta Bartsch... Arborg MB.


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