Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Climbing the Mountain..

Had a wonderful time hiking the other day with part of my family!
Read the whole story I posted over on our family blog!


  1. Love ya girl! Looks like fun! Hope it wasn't TO hot! ;) -Mary

  2. Do you girls normally wear pants or skirts? like say for working on the farm or something? Not criticizing just curious :)

    1. Most of the time we wear skirts. But we don't have a conviction against pants for women, and we wear pants sometimes, too. =)

  3. Was this in Dunvegan (Peace Country)?! It sure looks familiar. I coincidently grew up in this same area and used to climb the same slope of the valley when I was very young. Haven't been there in ages, but your pictures gave me a déjà vu! I hope you and your family had the opportunity to explore the old settlement down in the valley.


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