Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This past Saturday part of my fam & I traveled to Indiana
to attend the wedding of one of my cousins.
I wasn't the photographer, but I did take many pictures.
It was SO beautiful-how could I NOT?
I'm thinking I can safely say that the day could not have been more
 perfect if it had been pre-ordered.
Not too hot, not too cold, no rain...just beautiful sun filtering in amongst the trees.
The reception was the MOST beautiful one I've ever been to.
All in all it was just an amazing evening and so lovely.
{and all the cousins that were there were just an added bonus of wonderfulness!}
My uncle (who is an amazing guitarist) provided the prelude music on his guitar.
I loved the organic, simple sound of solo guitar picking wafting through the woods.
The little people were just charming.
love the carriage idea
check out those eyes!
the little curly haired heart-throbber kept the girls moving. 
observe the "gentle" push. =)
some of the bridesmaids
my uncle wrote a song and sang it to them during the ceremony.
feet washing
{I couldn't get a very clear shot from where I sat but it was so beautiful that it deserves mentioning}
Alli & I did hair for the younger cousins prior to the wedding. 
This cousin was sitting in front of me and I had to get a shot of her updo. 
So gorgeous!
My grandpa & grandma-one of the sweetest couples I know.
I really don't know where to start and stop.
There was so much simple beauty.
The whole place was kind of like a fairyland.
the servers wore khaki & white-so simple and classy.
the tables were decorated with wildflowers, vintage cameras, old books, candles, and lace.
handsome cousins.
{cousin on the far right was the pianist for the ceremony and did a fabulous job. For the recessional he played "All of Me", by the Piano Guys, and it was SO beautiful. I could've listened forever!}
 my mom (2nd from right) with six of her eight siblings.
{we greatly missed the sister and brother that weren't there}
Alli & I w/ two of our cousins
part of the bridal party
I hadn't been to a wedding in ages where they actually smeared fed the cake the "right way". 
They did. =)
My cousins (brothers of the bride) sang this hilarious song for them-
something about Jason being peanut butter & Kendra being the jelly.
It was priceless. =)
the dessert was ice-cream cones
and so the evening went on with much celebrating and joy..
two of the bridesmaids wrote and sang a song
{complete with dramatic expression}
 about how Jason & Kendra met. =)
saying goodbye...
sending off chinese latterns
sister liz & cousins sending off a lattern
Most of us (except for the guy cousins) stayed at the same house Saturday night. 
With multiple cousins, a tribe of little girls, AND a tribe of older girls, certain people who wanted to sleep had difficulty doing so. =)
The above is a little crazy..but self-timer and a-too-small-couch-for-five-people and 12:00am don't mix so well always. =)

It was the best ending to a beautiful day.
staying up late and solving life's issues.
it is rather hard to realize that two of our Stoltzfus girl cousinhood are already married.
The rest of us came to the rather startling conclusion that
since the two of the girls that now are married are our ages....
this wedding business could have the potential of a domino effect.
And that would mean that our late night cousinhood times could be coming to an end.
The decision was made that we must quickly plan a girls reunion before anyone else gets married.
So we had a grand time brainstorming location/details/times/etc/etc.
And thus the 2014 Cousinhood Bash has been born. Or something like that. =)
Thus ended a most lovely day, full of love and life and celebrating what God had done.


  1. Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful. I really like all the lovely natural flowers around, especially the roses.

    Kendra is a beautiful bride. I'm so glad you got to join them and help celebrate their special day.

    Rebecca K.

  2. Lovely post, Chelsy! I loved the pictures! That wedding looked sooo incredibly gorgeous. . .i have always loved the idea of sending off the chinese lanterns :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Curious....Is your cousin Amish or Mennonite? I am from the south(Louisiana)and we don't see many people like them. Wasn't for sure. It was a beautiful wedding :)

    Southern Belle Librarian

    1. Kristie,
      Yes, she is Mennonite. The church they go to is the BMA (Biblical Mennonite Alliance) conference.

  4. Yay! Another post!!!! Your post just keep getting better all the time! LOL You have been to two of the most gorgeous weddings ever!!! Outdoor weddings are just SO gorgeous! They are just so neat! :) Looks like you had a BLAST having a sleep over with your cousins! HOW fun! :) Thanks for the FUN post, Mary

  5. Enjoyed the pictures!!!
    I love outdoor weddings!
    Oh, and I really want your dress, Chels! It is so cute <3

    Have a blessed evening!

    P.S. I am going to try and e-mail you soon...I've got some awesome news! ;)

    1. Oh you have me DYING of curiosity, girl!! I'm trying to think of what your news could be and I'm coming up with several possibilities. =)
      Do email quickly! =)

  6. Hey Chels! I love that hair style that you did! :) sometime you should teach us how to do it! :) that would be so fun! and I love your Dress. it is SOOO cute! :) -Sarah

  7. Wow beautiful wedding! I looove outdoor weddings! Allison sure looks like Josh in the second pic!(; Liz

  8. What a gorgeous wedding!
    And then the Chinese lanterns at the end...just perfection:)

    Looks like you had a great time. It is always so sad to realize things are changing in your "group" of cousins and that it will probably never be the same as it is "right" now. A cousinhood bash sounds super fun:)


  9. I loved looking at the pictures!! It looks like it was a very sweet wedding, and all the decorations are beautiful. I'm glad you got to spend time with your cousins. Aren't cousins great?!?!

  10. I think I could cry. Maybe because it was a lovely post of a gorgeous wedding. Orrrr maybe... because I had to miss it? -Marissa

    1. aww...well, we missed YOU! didn't quite seem the same with one of us missing!

  11. Thanks for sharing pictures of the special day, Chels! It looks like it was such a beautiful wedding that also brought glory to the Lord <3 And yayyy for outdoor weddings - pretty much the best. ;) Love how Allison did your cousin's hair {loveliness}, all of the *gorgeously* beautiful decor [flowers, vintage cameras, old books, lights? yes please :)], the yummy sunlight in these pictures - ah, it all looks simply lovely + memorable! Andddd your dress is so pretty, Chels - love the mustard yellow + lace. That last b+w picture is simply dreamy. And last but not least...yes, cousins are *such* an awesome blessing! =) All right, I shall now end my lengthy comment by saying much love + blessings! ~e {p.s. I just emailed you back :)]

  12. {p.s.} Oh, and I noticed that this blog is the awesome + professional :) Blessings, Chels!

    1. =) yeah, I'm pretty excited about the new name myself. =)

  13. Hey I recognize some of the people in these pictures!!! I go to the same church as the groomsman named Daniel Troyer.

  14. LoVe the pictures Chelsy! Thought it was cool that they are BMA{so am i!}are most of your cousins BMA?
    {again i say::LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!It looked like a really cool wedding!}

    1. Actually, they are the only family of first cousins that actually attends a BMA church. But we have lots of friends who are BMA. =)
      Yes, it was an amazing wedding. =)


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