Friday, August 30, 2013

Cuts+Colds+Bleached Knees||Personal

my life has been a whirlwind since my last post.
its absolutely unbelievable, the things that can happen when BOTH one's parents are visionarys. 
seriously, it is a most energetic combination.
but it really is a great life.
just the preparation stage in getting ready for all the big events can be a little crazy!
The above verse is my lifeline right now. 
That, and Galations 6:23
"And let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."
It's been very much in the "well-doing" season.
I am {greatly} anticipating the "due season" time. =)
To just give a little rundown since the last time I posted..
We've had a camp planning meeting and our church had a missions conference and my five youngest siblings competed in the local Bible Bee.
I was busy with all three. 
They happened to all be the same wkend.
After all that was over and behind me...
this week was the last week before the upcoming Turning Hearts Celebration here, on Labor Day.
Due to several different factors in this year's celebration, we requested people to rsvp if possible.
I went from being a secretary to being a SECRETARY. 
answering dozens upon dozens upon dozens of emails.
talking on the phone and listening to voicemails everyday. 
Registering people coming from random places like Ontario, Manitoba, Kansas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee...etc.
That was the one part of life.
The other part has been the "fall-cleaning" process of getting the farm ready.
Its sorta hard to explain, but fall-cleaning a farm is totally different than fall-cleaning a house.
There's equipment to move/rearrange, numerous barns to clean out, ?? windows to wash, and a million other things that have to be done.
we use the basement/garage for food during the Turning Hearts Celebration, so those areas had to be cleaning and organized from top to bottom, too.
and then there was the mammoth shopping trip, on which sister and I succeeded once again in being the broccoli sensation in Costco.
The more items we put in our cart, the more odd glances we got.
I totally knew what was coming once we got to the checkout.
cashier guy begins to scan each bag of broccoli.
I observe his eyebrows raising as he keeps scanning.
finally at bag #14 he says "so, um...whats up with all the broccoli?"
I hasten to assure him that I do not love broccoli THIS much.
and then I add "Its just to put in pasta salad...for 1,000 people".
Cashier guy's head jerks.
"One Thousand People?"
me: "yes, sir".
him: "wow. thats a lot of people!"
his parting comment to us as we left was,
"Well, enjoy your party". 
oh yes, we shall. =)
We actually had to make two trips into Costco, since we could each only push one cart at a time.
two carts the first time..and then back in again to find and purchase the remaining items in another cart. 
All in all it was quite the adventure, as always.
we had a concert scheduled for Sunday. 
my dear friend Hannah goes to the church we sang at so we had a stellar several hours of talking nonstop during the afternoon. 
love connecting with all these beautiful Iowa people again! 
*random note to self:
 observe the difference between the two above pictures? That, my friends, is the dramatic difference between the camera on my phone, and the camera on Hannah's smartphone. 
Smartphone, I want to own one of you someday, please! 
For whatever reason, this has been the week of physical calamities for me. 
It is most unusual.
First it was a ridiculous cold that appeared out of nowhere while I was sitting in a church service last week.
I went from being totally normal to sniffling almost uncontrollably. 
It progressed into a headache over the weekend 
and now everything has culminated in a very red and a very sore nose. 
Secondly was earlier this week when I was deep cleaning our basement can room where we store all of our canned produce. 
I wasn't thinking at all and instead of wearing knee-covering clothing to protect my knees I was wearing a shorter skirt that did not protect my knees. 
I didn't think of it at the time but three separate buckets of bleaching and scrubbing later
I realized that what I had done was not such a brilliant idea.
Now I not only had a sore nose, but I had ruby red, aching knees. 
aching, my friends.
I will not be repeating that procedure on bare knees again.
And thirdly, yesterday I was in a huge hurry searching in our catch-all-crowded-messy workroom and trying to find the appropriate colors of paint needed for a sign. 
I stumbled/ran past a shelf and felt a very painful stab into my leg but I was in such a rush that I ignored it until one minute later when the same thing happened again as I was again rushing past. 
this time I investigated and discovered a large piece of jagged glass that was sticking out from the shelf.
so now I have two very evenly placed cuts running across my lower leg and bleeding profusely. 
more battle scars...
As I was getting ready for bed last night, I found myself frustrated over the cuts that were super painful and tender.
upset at all of my physical ailments.
and then it was like God just set me back on track with a flash-back to a picture I saw last week at our church's missions conference.
a picture of a leper.
one of the missionaries that came was a missionary to the leper colonies in .
He showed a slideshow of pictures of his "leper church" there. 
People who were more deformed that you could imagine.
people who were missing legs, arms, many things that some barely resembled a person.
I was duly humbled and ashamed.
how quick I am to complain about my little and insignificant problems.
if anybody should be complaining about their physical ailments, you'd think it would be these lepers.
instead, in every picture, they were just beaming.
they were so thankful for the people who were teaching and sharing the gospel with them.
thats a little update on life of late.
I'm thankful for all God's doing and thrilled for Monday to be here!
After 6:30pm on Monday night I will finally be able to breath and relax.
Because by then I will know if I estimated and made the correct amount of pasta salad for 1,100 people. =)

Happy weekending, people!


  1. Are you still reading the whole Bible?

    1. yes. I didn't make it in the three months I was going for. So now I'm trying for reading thru the whole thing twice this year.

  2. Oh whoa.... :-) That is horrible Chelsy, about getting stabbed in the knee.... but you are right, those Lepers looked so bad.. or like, so in pain.... but yet, they were just SO happy to be having someone telling them about the LORD! :)

    We can't wait for Monday either! It is going to be great! :)

    Much love to you, Mary

  3. WOW! sounds pretty crazy!! (and I thought our family was busy with harvesting crops right now ;)
    I really enjoyed this post!
    Do you have people helping with the food prep? or is it just your family?
    I hope your weekend goes a little smoother :)
    God bless,

    P.s. Dont work to hard!!! ;)

    1. Our county beef producers are grilling hamburgers, and we have friends bringing cookies, and I am making the pasta salad, and we bought the chips! =)

  4. when this is all over, you need to get away and rest. For real. Just you. For a whole day. Love you!

  5. Chels! you are busy.. but I could tell you were Thursday! btw I like the first picture! did you take it? it is BEAUTIFUL! Sle

    1. wow! I can't figure out how to get the blur behind the thing you are taking a pic of. prob don't have the right camera.we have a Kodak :P

    2. its an SLR thing...adjusting the aperture. =)

  6. I had to buy stuff for an event at church a couple weeks back and I felt slightly crazy at Costco with my two big carts overflowing with stuff. Hah! What a fun place to shop at! Hope the event goes well on Monday!

  7. just break down and buy a smartphone, girl. #enoughsaid :P
    love you.
    [insert all those 'keep calm' quotes you see everywhere here]
    it'll all work out. :)

    1. yeah I know. =)
      thanks for the "calm quotes" reminder. =)
      today was actually pretty chill and I'm feeling great about everything!

  8. Wow...what a great way to turn hurts and frustrations into a blessing! I hope everything goes smoothly today and I will definitely be praying that everything goes well! I wish that I and my family could be there, but we live all the way in FL!

  9. You amaze me, Chels. Truly. Thanks for the laughter at your expense!:D If it comforts you at all, I have matching scars on my shins from last fall... when I {not so very gracefully} jumped out of the van, got my feet tangled, and tripped over and landed on the railroad ties at the edge of the yard. In front of my entire family, of course. Life has it's way of humbling you, huh?

  10. Oh, I meant to sign my name, duh. ~Allie :D PS- get some rest, all of you!

  11. Love that verse and you! It is so awesome how nearly every time I come to your little corner of "blog world" I get challenged and encouraged! ♥
    Thank you for the reminder, sweet friend!
    Hope you were able to get some rest. ☺

  12. It's okay, friend. I got hurt this week too, and have to rest for a little while. Yes, our pains can be miserable to us, but we have alot to be thankful for, especially when we see others' problems and how much worse off we could be.
    Have a blessed week. Love, Rebecca

  13. Wow! Not unlike our Lord, He had me reading this exactly when I was about to complain about something all together silly. The reminder about the lepers humbled me as well, reminding me also to "count it all Joy"! I hope that the celebration was a huge success, I would love to attend next year. :-))
    Shana Lovise


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