Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY||Skirt&Headband Set

I love making new things out of old things.
Its such an adventure because you never know quite what you're going to come up with.
The above skirt was make out of a pair of white denim jeans ($.50/garage sale)and a white summer sundress($3/garage sale)
The jeans I cut off right below the pockets.
That left me with an extremely short mini-skirt.
waaay too short. =)
The sundress my sis had bought with the idea of making it over into a dress for herself.
But upon arrival home she found that it didn't fit right.
So I got it. 
It was an amazing dress-I didn't like how it was made but I adored the fabric! 
So many tucks and details.
So I hacked off the skirt of the dress, and with a few adjustments sewed the skirt part of the the little mini skirt.
I cut up part of the bodice of the old dress to make the above matching headband.
And here is sister with her new outfit. =)
beautifully graceful in the white skirt...
So go find some bargains!
Or pull out some old items and see what new gem you can create!

happy sewing!


  1. Very cute!!! I love the headband! :) Chels you are VERY Creative!!!


  2. So lovely, Chels!

    I would follow suit only.... I don't know how to sew! ;)


  3. This is simply beautiful, Chelsy! Love how the project turned out. Blessings! =)

  4. Hey hey, She’s back! Welcome home, friend! [smile] So looking forward to seeing you again!

    I LUV that skirt you made! White skirts are Oh-so-elegant!
    I especially like the little miss model! Tell Elizabeth ‘hi’ for me, k?

    Miss and love you, dearest!


  5. This is a cute idea! I'll have to consider it...

  6. Awesome! Could I ask, how do you make the flower for the headband?

    1. Yes! its very easy-I cut out circles of the fabric, different sizes. Then, as I sewed them together, gathering/ruching the material with each piece, so that the circles wouldn't all lay flat. With the centers being twisted/ruched like that, it gives the flower more of a full look, more texture.
      And then the actual band that goes around the head, was the belt that went with the dress. =) So I didn't have to do anything to that; it just ties in the back
      Hope that makes sense!

  7. Oh, Chelsy. It's beautiful. I like it. Great job.

    Rebecca K.

  8. That's such a great idea, Chelsey!!! I love how it turned out. It is SO fun to make new things out of old ones.

  9. Hey welcome back stranger :)
    I would definitely do this for my lil' sis....but I can't sew.....I want to learn, but it intimidates me lol.

    Love from,

  10. Very creative!! I must do both projects soon!


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