Friday, October 4, 2013

Destination||Missouri & Cousins

I may have said it before on here (actually I know I have)
but for me, my cousins are honestly some of the dearest people in my life.
I'm blessed to have sixty-seven cousins, along with a host of cousin-in-loves and cousin's babies.
Sadly many of them live out of state. 
So that is why times visiting them are so special.
Earlier this summer, one of my cousins moved from Missouri to Iowa. Her family still lives in Missouri, so of course she likes to go back and visit them. 
A while back we decided that it would be a brilliant idea for Alli & I & her to go to Missouri and surprise her two younger sisters.
This attempt was no small feat.
Trying to find a few open dates amid all of our events and travels and other things was like trying to locate a needle in a haystack.
Finally we succeeded in carving out two days to go.
We started out Sunday afternoon. Yours truly usually prefers nothing better than being behind the wheel but I was so tired out from my lack of sleep lately that I just slept for a while at the beginning.
My cousin started out driving but soon she got tired so she let my sister take over. 
As soon as Alli moved into the drivers seat I knew my sleeping time was over.
I barely EVER drive with her driving-makes me uncomfortable.
For whatever reason she gravitates toward the rumble strips. majorly.
Unbelievably enough I did end up sleeping a little bit while she was driving. 
The rest of the time I spent counting rumble strips.=)
She told my cousin (Dorcas) that the first rumble strip was for her, and then we'd be done.
Well, just several minutes later we hit another one, whereupon Alli called out "that one's for ME"!
So the next time, I called it "And this one is for me!"
Now we had each had a rumble strip in our honor.
You would think we could've stopped.
But no...before she was done driving we had named rumble strips in honor of our future husbands (this is totally random-we were just being crazy. the husbands were anonymous, of course =))
And after that we named them for other cousins, and their husbands.
We finally quite after twelve individuals had had rumble strips in their honor.
(I will say at this point that Alli is not really THAT bad of a driver. But by the last few rumble strips she was laughing so hard that she kept weaving off to the right =))
subway supper!
can you believe it-there's even a story behind the subway we stopped at.
first off, it was understaffed. secondly, the guy was WAY too laid back to be working at subway.
thirdly, their toaster wasn't working, which was a bummer.
And fourthly, when I told him I wanted plenty of jalenpenos (I only said plenty because usually at subway they only give out a few per sandwich, and I like more than just 2 or 3)
he proceeded to dump HALF OF THE CONTAINER on my sandwich.
I quickly told him, "um, sir! I do like jalenpenos, but not THAT many!"
even the people in line in front of us were laughing. I can't imagine that he thought that anyone could've gotten that sub down, with 3/4 a cup of jalenpenos in it! gracious!
just a little promo here for harvest cheddar sunchips. They are the last word in chips.
moving on..
So sadly we did not get an actual picture of their expressions when we arrived.
But they were totally surprised. And they screamed very loudly.
And that was just what we were hoping for. =)
{Monday morning we slept in. When we woke up we all gravitated to the living room for our devotions and/or the adjoining kitchen for some tea. Conversation began and we continued to sit there and talk about breaking old habits, the pain of bitterness, healing and restoring through Christ, and all other sorts of things, until almost 11am when my uncle walked in. He looked at all of us sitting there in our pjs with our mugs of tea and said "Well, it looks like you all have a good start to your day". =) 
Ah, but we did. =)
Eventually we got dressed (smile) and headed out for a little adventure.
These big oak doors just promised good things inside, I thought.
And good things there were. Check out this place!
the back deck was just as lovely as the inside!
I just fell in love with this beautiful old oak staircase
we came home monday afternoon to discover that Aunt Mary had made donuts while we were gone. =)
we may or may not have consumed an unearthly amount of donuts whilst we were there.
I shall not even give out the numbers-its a little embarrassing. =)
Monday night two of us went flying with my cousin who is a pilot and owns his own plane.
I almost didn't go because I get motion sickness so badly and the last time I flew in one of these little plans I very nearly got sick. 
But at the last minute I decided to try to anyways (thanks to a motion sickness preventive pill from my aunt. and my cousin's promise that he could bring me right back down if I didn't feel well. 
I was excited, as you can tell. =) I've always adored flying. 
And I really wanted to make it through the flight in this little plane without getting sick. 
It was such fun. I made it through the whole flight without getting sick. 
It is simply exhilerating to be on top of the world like that. 
We opened the windows. And feeling the air blowing in and just experiencing it all was incredible!
(airplane picture/s credit goes to my cousin, not me. =))
howling with laughter over an Audrey Hephburn musical...
more donuts...
french pedicures..
hanging out laundry in the morning sun...
..and pots and pots of coffee. =)
Dutch Blitz. A little lightheartedness to balance out all of our deep conversations. =)
And...that is the trip in a nutshell! It came at a perfect time-right after a busy month, and it was the perfect timing to get away for a bit.
thank-you, cousin dears, for a lovely time!
by the way. its the weekend now! and a little break from blogging! =)
I've been enjoying the schedule though-hope y'all have, too!
have a fabulous weekend!


  1. You SERIOUSLY have that many cousins?!!!! Whoa!! Most of my life I have had NO cousins. Zip. zilch. zero. And my mom comes from a family of five, and my dad has 3 siblings! But I have 3 adopted cousins now - yay!
    I also love your outfit, from the day you had subs and everything! :) And Allison's hair is GORGEOUS!

    1. yes, I seriously do. =) I love them all so much!

  2. I have been loving all the posts Chelsy. This looks so fun, and that cafe looks incredible!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh dear... I feel so bad for commenting SO many times... ugh... but I just HAD to on this one... :)!! Looks like you girls had a total BLAST. That's the only way I would be able to describe it! I was laughing out loud when I read about Allison driving!! WAY to funny.... and then all those donuts... they looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I could say MANY more things, but I won't! :) Mary

  4. this is so fun!! and AMEN to sunchips. THE last word.

  5. Ooooo,looks like so much fun. I wish I had girl cousins to Surprise!!
    Shout out to Alli! Why are you so beautiful? Your smile..and don't even get me started on your hair! o_O I love you and your style I want your wardrobe. The end.

  6. Okay, I laughed *out loud* about the rumble strips, because, well, my husband is a Rumble Strip Lover. And me? Well, can we say not so much? :) Yep, I could relate quite well!!

    One thing I really like about your blog, and this October-fest you're doing, is that your posts aren't just space-fillers, but they are all life-giving! There is such a great spirit that radiates from you! xo

    1. thanks for the encouragement, clarita!

  7. 67!!!! I thought my 24 cousins were a lot!! (not counting the babies in heaven) It must be nice to have girl cousins your age who you can really connect with. I have one my age, but were so different.
    I love your blog. It's a great encouragement to me.
    See you back Monday!

    1. Hi again! The jean skirt that Alli has on, did you make it or buy it?

    2. made it. =) I'll try to do a blog post tutorial about that one. =)

  8. Ahh Chels!!!:) I Loved this post!!;) I Still cannot get over the thrill that you Actually Came, and all the good times that were had!!:) The wild Joy and Excitement that you were here and the good time Saturday morning! it was lovely!!:) And Common Ground, the picture of us girls talking at the table just makes me laugh, cause I remembered how you wanted us to look serious and we just failed!;) And Allison and I celebrating that we Actually could hug each other as much as we wanted and neither of us would get tired of it!!;) Ha!;) The picture of Hannah and Allison makes me laugh too! 'No touching here'!;) Dear girls!:) And the doughnuts and Dutch Blitz.. it was just an amazing time!! You three ladies are just some of my most Favorite people Ever!!:) Wonderful and Encouraging and Exciting!:) I just love you all So much!!:) My heart was just very blessed and happy from the weekend!!:) All my love, and Large Hugs!!;) ♥Rhoda

    1. thank you dearie for the LONG comment. =) the enjoyment was SO mutual.
      hugs sent back!!

  9. hmmm.. gonna have to give Ali a hard time about all those doughnuts... lol ;) -Kayla

    1. oh yes. =) I have to tell you though-she only cheated for those two days. =)

  10. i just want to have been there!!

    1. aww...we missed you too SO much!!


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