Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Fashion||What I Wore Today

{this post feels a little weird for me because I don't normally post a lot of pictures of myself. But..giving outfit ideas and fashion advice is always more interesting and easier to visualize when it is actually being WORN by someone. I would do pictures of my sister for this outfit but
 A) this outfit doesn't fit her {we are completely different body types =)}
 B) she wouldn't wear it if it did {her style is different than mine. its a good thing-makes a more unique world =)}
So hence this post with pictures of yours truly.}

I'm all about versatile outfits that can be worn in a variety of settings.
Today's outfit was one of those. It was perfect for working at my grandma's this morning (helping prepare food/serving/washing dishes for a group of 35 people)
doing office work at my desk this afternoon, and meeting for coffee at my aunt's this evening.
I love outfits like this, that are classy-looking, but oh-so-comfy and cozy for fall. 
At my grandma's, we work hard and fast to get all those people served quickly. So I always get warm in a hurry. The hoodie was perfect-kept me warm on the way to/from, but I could take it off as soon as I got started working and getting warm. 
This kind of outfit is great for those days when you have the chilly moments of being outside, and the warmer ones of working hard...because you can shed the layers.

And here's a quick "bonus bit" of fashion advice: when planning an outfit, stick to two or three colors. Multiple colors will look wild and uncoordinated. (there are exceptions to this, of course. Like wearing a multi-colored/printed top, or scarf, or something.) 
To give an example: this outfit looks much more coordinated and "put together" than it would've if I would've worn a khaki skirt, yellow top, grey cami, and blue hoodie. You get the idea. =) Keep your colors matching and simple and your outfit will look a lot sharper!
You want to know where I got each item?
Here's the rundown:
Brown Tee: $5 {on sale last week @ Gordmans}
Cream Cami: $2 {thrift or garage sale, can't remember which}
Cream Hoodie: $4 {Stuff Etc Consignment}
Khaki Skirt: $5 {Goodwill in Florida =)}
Boots: $4.49 {Crowded Closet thrift}
Necklace: remade by my sister
These boots are a staple for me. I wear them all the time in the fall/winter. 
so, that's me for today!
What is your favorite fall wardrobe item?
And...this is the first for me doing a post like this. (dedicated to an outfit) 
What do you all think? Would you like more posts like this?



  1. Cute! yup - more posts like this!
    ~Ruth Watson

  2. Love your outfit.:) I always have a hard time matching clothes.:( But I think I am getting a little better. I love the way you and your sister dress. This is my favorite fall wardrobe items right now: Brown long sleeve from Walmart, brown & teal skirt (http://www.jny.com/) got at a thrift store in Truckee CA, cowgirl boot from amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001IZZPYC), and a heart necklace from amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000OLECEU/). I think this was a great post and would like to see more post like this.:)
    What do you think on modest? As in what is modest to wear, skirt length, shirt cuts, & how to wear pants modestly?
    ~ Ashley

    1. will try to get to this question soon! =)

    2. looking forward to it.:)

  3. :) I like it! Especially the cream textured cami!
    I think that this is the first time that I have commented on your blog before- I really have been enjoying it!


  4. super cute...love your style!
    current faves : my boots, the chevron dress ;), cream Cato's dress, cowl neck scarf.

    1. if that cream catos dress every disappears from your closet...its because I stole it. =)

  5. love your outfit!!!

  6. love the boots and the Cream Hoodie! and it is from Stuff! oh yeah! ;) -sarah

  7. Ooooo, LOVED it! :)

    Great job for your first outfit post, girl!

    Cute outfit, too. Especially the color coordination and the boots!

    Love your hair, too. :)

    Would love to hear your account of the differences between yours and Alli's styles if you wouldn't mind sharing {even in a text}…I always find that sort of thing interesting and very helpful, as I am still trying to pinpoint my own!

    Love ya!

  8. Oh, and to answer your question: my fave fall wardrobe items are: long skirts, boots, scarves, and layers! I especially love the fall colors!

  9. would love more posts like this!

  10. You are so gorgeous! :) Yes, I'd love more posts like this one! :) I am so sad that October is coming to an end. I'll miss Blogtober so much!

  11. You're adorable, Chelsy! I love that brown top w/ the ruffled tank and the khaki skirt. I have a pair of brown boots too that get worn ALL the time in the fall/winter. ;)

    I'd LOVE to see more fashion posts! You and your sister are such an inspiration!

  12. Lovely outfit, Chelsy! Brown + white looks very nice on you!
    P.s. I really have been enjoying your posts! Sad Boho Blogtober is almost over. ;(

  13. I think I recognize those boots-maybe because you grabbed them off the shelf before I did?! :) That was a shopping trip/experience not soon to be forgotten. :)

    1. oh yes. =) won't forget it for a long time. =)

  14. Chelsy,
    Your outfit is super cute! I love brown, especially in the Fall!!
    I think you should definitely consider more 'fashion' posts, you seem to have great taste and I love seeing other ladies dressing modestly :)
    ~Sarah C

  15. Love this! Our styles seem similar and I would enjoy seeing more from you.

    Boots are definitely one of my favorite items to pull out of the closet as the weather turns cooler.

  16. Hello chelsy! I have found much inspiration from your posts on your blog! But I do Love seeing young ladies dressing modestly and at the same time gaining inspiration from them and their outfit

  17. Hello chelsy! I have soooo enjoyed your boho blogtober, maybe you could do a November or December? Just an idea....* smiles*
    I love all of your posts, but I guess like any christian young lady I LOVE seeing a nice blend of fashionable and yet still modest outfit inspiration! Thank you for your encouragement!
    In Christ, Leah Taconet

  18. Um... but your outfit looks so completely boring and uninteresting. I definitely think you should keep your colors coordinated, but with one pop of color. Suggestions... wear a jewel toned shirt (emerald, plum, etc.) but with a straight black skirt and black pumps. That is an outfit I would call professional and sharp but does not look like the same neutral color all the way down. Your outfit needs something to brighten it up, to make it look more like your fun personality, as I am completely convinced that yours is! :):) Just some suggestions that I thought would be helpful to all reading. Let me know what you think, agree or disagree, I would love to hear your thoughts, sweet Chelsy!

    1. I know this comment def wasn't directed toward me, but it left me utterly confused. You started your comment by insulting Chels in telling her that her outfit was boring and uninteresting, but you end the comment by telling her nice things. I don't think it seems very profitable or kind to tell her that her outfit is boring...maybe she liked the neutral tones. And maybe wearing a dressy black skirt and pumps wasn't practical for what she did that day.

    2. I did not intend to insult her, just merely tell her that she had an outfit that was not very fashion-worthy. I was not telling her to wear pumps on her FARM! I just meant that if she wanted to get fashion, she should give us better advice then to tell us to keep our tones neutral! Here is an outfit I would suggest for what she did that day (since you wanted another outfit): A straight jean or casual black skirt paired with a jewel-toned t-shirt (maybe with a feminine ruffle added) with a cute fitted jean jacket or maybe a comfortable black flowing sweater with cute boots. Does this sound better to you Alison?

    3. That's fine is that's what you'd like. I just mean that since this is Chels' blog, she has the freedom to post whichever outfit she wants. We all have different styles.

    4. amen allison!!

  19. Hey Rebecca!
    Thanks for your advice. =)
    My sister and I have studied our color seasons and style types, and I am what is called an "autumn natural/dramatic". (Autumn is my "season"-the colors I look best in, and natural and dramatic are the style clothes/type I look best in. Half of the time I wear naturals, the other half I do the dramatic look. =))
    Brown and other muted, "boring" =), colors, are my best ones. Jewel toned may be best for you but those colors are not best for me. =) I have very dark hair and skin and so more dull colors like mustard, burnt orange, brown, forest green, navy, etc...are my best colors, and the ones you will see me in most of the time. (my sister has studied these things VERY extensively and most of my knowledge on this has been gained from her. Hopefully we can do a post about this more in the future to explain more about clothing styles & color seasons)
    And to clarify-I never said to "keep your tones neutral". All I said was that it is best to stick to not so many different colors, when planning an outfit.
    I do love your idea of the outfit you described on your first comment-black skirt, black pumps, and a colored blouse. Outfits just like that are my "Sunday staples" and I love them!
    I also agree that my style is a little different and most people like more color in theirs. That's totally fine. Thank goodness we're all different and not clones of each other when it comes to our personal styles!
    Thanks for your thoughts too, Alli. =)

    1. just reading through some old posts. sooo sorry some one said that to you!! keep dressing the way you do!! Its simply beautiful and you shine the lords light no matter what!!!

  20. nice outfit!


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  22. LOVE your clothes!!! It's something i would like..... Wear always!! You look so pretty!! :)

  23. Hi. I have really enjoyed your blog with fashion. Would you by any chance be doing any hairstyle tutorials at anytime? I love the way you and your sisters do your hair and would love to know the way to do it. Thank you.


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