Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye, Blogtober...

 It's sad to see this thing come to an end. It has seriously been so much fun and I have loved every certain moments of it. It's been stressful, and crazy, and wild..and yes there has been more than one day that I have nearly been pulling my hair out with the lack of inspiration I felt, for posting. =)
 But in spite of all that here I am-at the end of Blogtober, with 24 posts under my belt, all in just ONE grand and glorious month.
Can we cheer, people? It just seems appropriate. =)

Moving the humble pie. 
The goals.
Yes, yes. 
Don't get too excited. I missed most of them. It feels a little embarrassing.

1) Read three books
missed. totally. I started one and read about four pages of it.
2) Journal every day
yes!! so excited I accomplished this one!
3) Mail four encouraging notes to people
yes again!
4) Memorize Philippians 1
again, missed. I completely forgot about it until last week. This one I WILL accomplish-it'll just be next month instead of this month.
5) Do three sewing projects
I only did one.  And it barely counts, since it was fixing my friend's husband's dress pants. =/ yes, I know-hardly a sewing project. I am qualifying it though since it was a semi-complicated fix and took me a little while. Part of the reason it took so long was that as I was ripping out stitches that I had sewn in wrong...I accidentally ripped out some of the original, "real" stitches. Its kinda hard to describe but that made it more complicated. =)
6) sort through/put away summer wardrobe & bring out fall/winter wardrobe
good feeling to have this done!
7) wash bedroom windows
the bedroom seems bigger!
8) Exercise & drink water more than I did last month
I definitely drank more water. And I definitely did not exercise half accomplished.
9) Sort through/Backup ALL pictures I've ever taken
huge project. hasn't happened yet. will happen soon!
10) Blog Redesign
again, I got in over my head with this one. started talking to a friend who has some brilliant new ideas for me and my blog and all of a sudden I find myself just needing WAY more time to think and process and dream about this. So I'm postponing it til November. My goal is to have it all done by the 20th. Keep me accountable, please?!
11) Spend more one-on-one time with little siblings 
missed it. utterly. thankful for second chances...this will be top priority for next month.

12) Accomplish Boho Blogtober!
{as a tip to any of you who ever want to do these "goal posts" on your blog: I would highly recommend printing out the list of goals and posting them above your desk. I didn't. And I promptly forgot most of them until last week when I went on my blog to read over them. at that moment the fact that I do have a failing memory, was confirmed.}

Now to be positive for a while..I thought I could write out a list of all the things I did accomplish, that weren't on the "goals" list. Problem is, I would never be able to list everything. 
I'll just tell you, that I was gone (as in, in another state) for 14 days of this month.
And the other seventeen days that I was home I was in and out, coming and going, and busy with all sorts of personal work, family work, and ministry. 
My life has been so varied that I know I'll never be able to remember everything, so I'm not even going to attempt. 

It has been a great month! And I just want to take a minute here to thank all of you for following along with Hannah and I. 
{Hannah, I love ya, girl. It was WAY too much fun to be together in this thing. You are the best! #mycrazyfriendwhounderstandsmetoowell} 
This  Blogtober has been more fun and more stress than I ever could've imagined. =) But its been a joy, it really has. 
Thank-you all who have commented! You have no idea how fun it is to come into my blogger inbox and find "15 comments waiting to be moderated". =) 
I wish I could've had the time to personally respond to each and every one of you who left such sweet comments, especially on this post and this post. I firmly believe that God has a perfect plan in timing and I was so encouraged to hear how many of you have been blessed by reading different posts on just the days/times when it was a blessing to you to hear whatever I had posted about that day.
Thank-you also to those of you who took the time to email and bless me in my blogging. You are an encouragement!

Y'all think this is goodbye now, do you?
Well, you're partly right-it's goodbye Blogtober.
And hello to November, in which you will find continued posting and a whole bunch of fun features coming to the blog!
I didn't even scratch the surface in answering all the questions that were submitted. So I'm hoping to do more of that in November, along with some things the Lord is laying on my heart and more photo shoots.

 Be sure to come back tomorrow, when we'll be celebrating the beginning of November with another giveaway! =) You don't want to miss it!

And just curious-did y'all like this Blogtober thing? Would you like to see it again? =) What was your favorite post?

Til tomorrow!


  1. I would LOVE to see something like this in November! :) I loved all of the posts and I really like that last picture of you,gorgeous! I would like to know what kind of music you listen to [like if you've heard of Kari Jobe, Natalie Grant, Tobymac,Jamie Grace,etc.]. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog.


    1. Haley,

      I listen to a wide variety of music. I come from a family of diversity-southern gospel, bluegrass, classical, praise and worship, etc. So I listen to a lot of different kinds. Ultimately I judge music by A) if it brings a message of peace and life
      B) what the fruit of it is
      C) if its honoring to the Lord.
      And yes, I'm familiar with most of the artists you mentioned.=)

    2. I agree with you. :) That's the same as our family!

  2. Oh.....I am going to miss your post. I have really enjoyed reading every post.:) I really like this 'Blogtober thing'.:) I would love to see it again. Oh this is hard, but here is one that is my favorite post: Home/Singleness/Productivity||Q&A. Looking forward to seeing more post.:)
    ~ Ashley

  3. Yeahhh!!! Job well done! This Blogtober idea was fabulous!...I know you put lots of effort and time into this:) you def deserve an applause and a cheer....woohoo!! What will November be called?! :)Thanks a bunch
    Priscilla G

  4. I am so sad. :( Blogtober was the best thing ever!!! :) I would love to see it again! :) Some of my favorite posts were cooking with Allison, surprise parties(your photos were awesome!), and of course, the road trip! :)
    You look beautiful in this post! Blue is an awesome color for you. Matches your eyes! :)

  5. Yeahhh!!! Job well done! This Blogtober idea was fabulous!...I know you put lots of effort and time into this:) you def deserve an applause and a cheer....woohoo!! What will November be called?! :)Thanks a bunch
    Priscilla G

  6. I really enjoyed checking out your blog often and having new post to read.

  7. I particularily enjoyed your Bright Lights recaps! It was awesome to relive the weekend! Several of your posts this month were challenging and uplifting! :-) *round of applause*

  8. I loved Blogtober!!! I still haven't seen all the post yet so I don't know which is my favorite but I really enjoyed the ones that I saw.:) Thanks for doing it! ~Salinn

  9. I loved it! Although it did seem to go by really fast! Also would love to still see a hair "lesson" from Alison. :}

  10. Chels,

    Boho blogtober was a blessing and encouragement. My favorite post was choosing praise. Thanks for accomplishing this goal as it is the one goal that could positively effect many lives; and I believe it did.

    Blessings as you continue to encourage your blog readers. :-)

  11. Sad to see Blogtober end. It was such a fun part of my days this past month. I was truly blessed by it, and encouraged by the fact that there are other Christian girls out there who love the Lord too. God Bless!

  12. I so loved the Blogtober you did! Even though I wasn't great at commenting on nearly everyone I read, I still got excited when I logged into bloglovin and saw a new post from you! :) You and your sisters & family bless and inspire me so much!!

  13. so glad you did this! it was super fun reading all your posts. Hope you do it again next year. :) Thank you. ♥

  14. Hi Chelsy!

    I really enjoyed it! This is the first time I've commented, but I read your blog a lot. :)

    In Christ,

  15. Haven't left a comment yet this month, but have LOVED Blogtober. So much so, I've wished you would do it every month! I know - totally impractical, but I can wish anyway!

  16. this was SO fun, and so crazy---quite the ride throughout the whole month...I still can't believe we did this! Would this qualify on a resume someday? #kidding #sortof :P Someday, we will have to do it again. :) I've loved all your posts, girl..thanks for being an inspiration and also for last fun! #ohmygoodnessgracious ;)

  17. Yes!! Keep doing the blogtober! I LOVE your very creative ideas! Can't wait for what's coming ahead soon!! =)

  18. Yay, Chels! I was so blessed by the posts you did and came away encouraged/inspired from each one. Pretty awesome to know that you and Hannah were going to be posting every. single. weekday. of the month - look at that happy number of 24 posts under October, girl! =) So, um, YES, I loved this blogtober project and my fav posts would be (ah, hard to choose :P) Choosing Praise, the Q+A posts, conference + roadtrip re-caps, and Allison's cooking guest post. [aka: all of them! :)] Loved reading your vision/purpose for this blogging project and am so glad you + Hannah did this adventure, blessing so many along the way! =)

    With Joy in Christ,
    ~ one of the happy receipients of your encouraging notes #lovelysurprise #soencouraging #thankful #youaresosweet #thanksgirlforbrighteningmyday =)

  19. Great job on completing a full month of blogging!!I loved reading all your posts this month!! You really are an encouragement to me. :)

  20. Awesome job Chelsy (and Hannah)!! I LOVED the Boho Blogtober. (: I think my favorite (one of the many wondeful posts) post was the one where you talked about children being a blessing, as well as the conference.
    BTW: Where did you get the name Boho Blogtober???


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