Monday, October 14, 2013

Home Again||Fall on the Farm

Once again, I'm home.
Today I feel kind of like there's been so much going out of me lately that I need a little time at home to restore and rejuvenate and fill up again.
Sister & I arrived home last night from a week spent in St. Cloud, Minnesota 
helping out with girl's conferences.
It was an awesome week.
{and I'm excited to be posting about it later on this week!}
But it was also draining, stretching, and super duper character-building.
Its the feeling that all my elasticity is gone. Cause I've been stretched so much. =)
I am so thankful for the opportunity-it was such a blessing to be a part of the amazing team once again, and to all pitch in and work hard and see such amazing results!
All that said...after a week in the city I am quite excited to be back home on the farm for a few days.
Fall on the farm is pretty splendid. 
This time of year is probably my favorite.
I love all the "normal" things that alot of people love about fall.
You know, hot cider, tall boots, sweaters, candles, turning colors of the leaves, and bonfires.
that sort of thing.
But my very favorite thing about fall...
is that fall is harvest time!
You'll only understand my joy of this if you are a farmer. 
or a farmers wife. or farmers daughter.
{its all pretty much the same thing anyway!}
The field after field of golden tan corn just waiting to be harvested. 
The sound of the combines in the fields.
The sight of dust and stalk bits stirring up and wafting over the fields.
I just can't explain it---its that awesome. 
And it is my favorite time of year.
I was missing it last week when I was in Minnesota, because I called my dad one evening,
and as soon as he answered his phone and I heard his voice,
 I heard one of my other favorite sounds.
The hum of the combine in the background.
And I knew just where he was. And just what was happening.
And I got a little sad that I was in the city and missing those first few days of harvest.
But oh joy! Home I am at last (for four days at least) and I'm just loving it.
I just got back from driving the wagon with the combine head over to the field where my dad is starting with the corn harvest.
I love being involved in this with my family. 
It is honestly the most exhilarating feeling in the world to all be working so hard at the same thing, and seeing the results just multiply year after year as there are more of us able to help with various things.
the beautiful fall theme color of orange.
and burnt yellows...
candles burning!
And finally...I end with a picture of my little sistas toes, that are just as adorable as can be.
(paint with red nail polish. dry. dot with white nail polish. dry. paint a clear coat over everything. dry. done!)
Its fun to be home and live life with littles again. =)
The all adult world we were in last week was quite different from our normal life. 
And although I enjoyed it, there's still nothing quite like home!

happy monday and happy fall!


  1. oh how fun! I love Fall too. :) -Sarah

  2. this was so beautiful & simple. I love how you write--so real, from the heart, down to earth.

  3. I love your blog! I'm a farmer's daughter from Illinois. I love it and wouldn't wish it any other way! You really can't beat fall on the farm!


  4. How I miss you gals! :) I remember every little detail of my visit to your house as if it had been yesterday... and it was three years ago!!! How time flies. :) Love checking your blog, Chels, keep it up and keep looking up! May the Lord bless you! ♥


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