Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out on the Town||Lunch/Shopping/Friends

September was a wild month.
We had the Turning Hearts Celebration, Carson&Joshua's grad party, & Family Camp.
We also two-week trip out east, our church's 40th anniversary celebration, and a host of company almost all month long.
It was lovely-every bit of the craziness. There's nothing quite like working together as a family to pull off whatever project is at hand!
In the middle of everything else that was going on, Alli & I took a break one day to have lunch and shopping with our friend, Cassie.
Cassie & her husband moved to Iowa from Arizona, right before we left on our summer tour. 
That was a bummer-we were thrilled that they had moved but not so thrilled that we had to leave right away!
Through email/text and being home a bit in May & August we've had so much fun getting to know John & Cassie. They are the sweetest couple and we just love them to death.
With Cassie being new to the area Alli & I finally got a time planned in September to introduce her to some fun things in Iowa City.
We went out to eat at this fun restaurant and shopped at Stuff Etc, & Gordmans & TJMaxx.
For lunch we went to this amazing crepe's restaurant in down-town Iowa City.
{our downtown is AMAZING, y'all. just saying}
We were standing outside, in front of the restaurant, trying to figure out how to get a good picture of the three of us, when all of a sudden the door flies open and out comes the manager lady.
She literally grabbed the phone right out of Cassie's hand and said "let me do this". =)
So she took some pictures for us. Bless her heart. She was definitely the go getter type of lady. =) No waiting around for her. She saw customers that needed help and she was going to help!
It was pretty funny-took me SO by surprise!
Anyway, their service and presentation and quality and everything was so superb that I thought I could do a little free advertising for them on my blog here. =)
Go visit the Crepes Deluxe Cafe, people!
isn't this presentation just amazing?
Alli's crepe looks weird (in color) because she got a buckwheat crepe instead of normal. =)
asparagas & cheese & bacon & all sorts of yumminess.
we split a dessert crepe...full of strawberries and nutella. 
imagine the most wonderful thing you've ever eaten and you'll be half right. =)
we popped into a little downtown shop and I couldn't resist trying on their hats. 
I have a thing for hats.
was just reminded again today by Hannah's post about how important it is it celebrate life with the people you love the most. And to not wait til tomorrow-cause sometimes tomorrow never comes.
And it made me so thankful for the times like the above where I make relationships and times a priority. I want to do that more.

see you all tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a blast! I really hope that someday.... we can do that together.... but I know you all have such a busy life... but maybe just maybe it will work out! Enjoying all the post Chelsy! This is so wonderful!! <3 Mary

  2. this is a fun post! Chels I like hats too! you are cute with hats on. ;) and i like Alli's Purse. -sarah

  3. umm, LOVE this.
    def will have to check out that amazing crepe place sometime!!

    1. hey! we should go there together! yes? =)
      you would love it..the couple who owns it is from somewhere in south america but they grew up in france..or something like that if I remember correctly. So they have this gorgeous dark skin w/ these incredible accents. wow. =)

    2. incredible speaking accents. not skin accents. just to clarify. =)

  4. Making memories with sisters-in-Christ is so wonderful. =) And a nutella strawberry crepe sounds pretty fabulous, too. =) Blessings!


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