Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sister Love Photo Shoots

with my sista loves.
these girls are the dearest in my life and I love them so so much.
today I am sharing with you some pictures from a photoshoot I did with two of my sisters while we were in Alaska this summer, and a few random shots from other photoshoots.
this child is the queen of expressions.
she's adorable, yes?!
she loves to dance and sing
Rebecca & Alli
this sis of mine has more style and class than about anybody else I know.
and she dresses this classy
(will be talking about why she does, in a future post)
inspiring, huh?
she has the most gorgeous smile and the most caring and beautiful heart.
she's the most photogenic person I've shot yet!
Her outfit?
Skirt: thrifted five years ago. she wears it all the time. and its still beautiful.
Top: thrifted as well
Headband: made by me (its this one here)
so thankful the Lord has given me these sisters of mine. they are amazing!



  1. I LOVE these pictures. I like Alli's Shirt allot I have seen it on her other times and I just love it. and I also love your matching dresses they are so pretty. and I just love Rebecca's dress it is cute! :) and one other thing I love is you girls. -sle (lol, yes, I love allot of things)

  2. Such lovely sisters! I LOVE mine too, don't know what I'd do without them! And yes PLEASE do a post or have Allison do a post on her style and everything! I am not naturally really fashionable but I'm putting a big effort into actually doing my hair and makeup almost every day (unless I'm going somewhere I'm usually just lazy! lol) and actually wearing an OUTFIT and not just "putting on clothes." I would love to dress classy like Allison every day! (and like you!) more inspiration would be very much appreciated! :) I'd love to hear a post on the why and the how and if she ever feels like just taking a day to just be "grunge-y" ya know?

  3. Love the third photo of Rebecca. =) And the ones of Alli are lovely!

    Seriously, though: how DOES she stay so classy all. the. time?? ;)

    Oh, and guess what: 3 days, girl. THREE!


  4. Great pictures!:) I love Alli's outfit. Your sister is beautiful. Sisters are such a blessing.

  5. Four very lovely, very beautiful ladies that I am privileged to know. You girls are great! I love the pictures and am so exited to see all your posts this month!


  6. Chelsy,
    I really enjoyed this post! Love both of your styles!
    I hope this doesn't come across as critical or judgmental (just curious and learning new ways to be both modest and fashionable!;) but I was just curious, from reading a previous post a while ago, you mentioned that y'all thought it was okay to wear pants/shorts and really had no conviction against wearing it, but you all just wear skirts because y'all like them. Do you wear skirts/dresses everyday, even around the house? If so, why?

    I am SO looking forward to your next few blog posts! LOVE your blog!
    God bless you! ~Cate Rose

    1. Oh sure, no problem! People ask all the time and I'm not offended at all!
      I'll try to answer the question in more detail sometime later on, in a future post!

  7. gorgeous pictures. i especially love the ones of all four of you and the pictures of Rebecca and Allison. Basically i love all of them. I only have one sister and I am grateful for every moment we have together.

  8. How lovely! Sisters are such a great blessing from God!

  9. The picture where Allison and Rebecca are looking at each other is precious.

  10. You are all sooo beautiful! I would like to know if you and Allison put make-up every day and whether you use conventional or organic products... As well as your thoughts on being classy and dressing up every day- I really believe it is so important, but it is the area I struggle with a lot! (it is so easy to be lazy...) Thank you so much! I really love to visit your blog and discover a new post every day :) :)

  11. I enjoyed seeing these pictures from your recent photo sessions and am so thankful for each of you + the encouragement you all give! =)

  12. Rebecca's so sweet! I love the picture of her where she's twirling her dress.


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