Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stop & Enjoy||Coffee & Kindreds

{above: my cousin, myself, my sista, my aunt, and my cousin-in-love}
this was yesterday evening.
My dear aunt {who has always been a stabilizing force for me to dump on =)} 
has such a heart for encouraging and discipling her nieces. 
It has been quite some time since we got together to "dump and dish", as I call it.
I dump my life problems....and she dishes me out some of her wisdom and practical advice. 
Its a great combo =)
Anyway, she told me lately to come over some afternoon for coffee and finally we found a time that worked. The party grew since these gatherings are indeed a little party and nobody wants to miss out. So the sister and cousin and cousin-in-love came too, and we had a lovely time.

These gatherings are so simple, really. You don't have to go to a coffee shop, or restaurant, or anywhere expensive.
Just brew a pot of coffee in your home.
Or if you have an aunt like I have that makes the worlds best iced coffee, then you can have a large glass of iced coffee AND a large mug of regular coffee. =) 
I love meeting in a home, around the kitchen table...its so, personal. So homey. And it just feels so right. So how it should be.
Find some wise women that are older than you, and a few others that are your age and will also benefit from the advice...and have yourselves a blessed time.



  1. What a blessing family is.:) It is great to have someone like that in our life. Meeting at home is the best place!:)

  2. I have had fun following your posts this month! Way to go!

  3. I don't want Boho Blogtober to end! You should totally do the same thing for November. Easy, right?! ;)

  4. It would be nice to be there! :)

  5. Aw, you are so kind! I enjoyed the afternoon immensely. Altho' I was a bit hoarse later from all my 'preaching'.:)

    1. No, you are the kind one. =) I'm sure you were a little hoarse. =) Well, the preaching was not in vain. I was blessed by it. =)

  6. It's great to spend time with family! Especially if they're Christians. :)

  7. It has been super fantastic following your posts!! I was really blessed and encouraged...Thank-you Chelsy :=)
    Priscilla Gerber

  8. it was truly lovely. I am so thankful for these amazing ladies- they refreshed my soul so much yesterday!
    Allison (the "sista")

  9. This is so so sweet! And I agree with you - I hear about so many people "meeting for coffee" in a fancy coffee shop, which is great and fun too. But I love to brew a pot in my own kitchen, and sit with friends in my sweats at my kitchen table! :)


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