Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today||Of Coming & Going

 I've been thinking today that my blog could use a little more "home life" normal-ness in addition to all the other posting I've been doing. And since I'm short on time and don't have time for a long post, just thought I'd share a few pictures from my day today, and a little update...
I got home from Minnesota Sunday night. 
Monday through today have been whirlwind busy---office work got piled up while I was gone over the last 2wks so I've had three days to try to catch up. Harvest is in full swing so I've been packing lunches and driving all over to pick up people at the end of the day and switch out vehicles. We had company. I gave my little siblings piano lessons. My sister and I helped with a huge surprise birthday party for our pastor's wife (more on that next week!) 
And those are just a few of the main things.
 Anyway, this morning found me cleaning the van and getting things ready to go for tomorrow morning, when my sister & I and 5 other friends are heading back up to Minnesota for a friend's wedding.
Very unexpectedly and last minute we found out about a concert that is happening in Minnesota tomorrow night, and is somewhat on our way to the wedding. So we are planning to attend that-I'm excited about all the inspiration that's gonna happen there.
And then Saturday is the wedding!
I'll be scheduling a post today to publish tomorrow, since I'm not taking my laptop along, and we're leaving at the bright and early hour of 6am. 
Be watching for tomorrow's post! You don't want to miss it...cause its a giveaway! =)



  1. Hiiiii!!!!!! Chels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will leave a comment because I know how much it means to your heart to receive a comment..... even on this post. Your dear mother passed this news on to me the other night & I thought I would please you with a comment!! :) YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! lOVE YOU -hANNAH

  2. Chels!! Lovely real post dear!!;) It was lovely seeing you for a few minutes last night!!:) And passing you today was absolutely Epic!!:) Your look of surprise was just delightful!!;) You are lovely my dear!!:) All my love!!:) (and several :Large: Hugs!!!;)) ♥George


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