Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Online Sales||Fashion

I love Black Friday shopping.
Contrary to certain other family members of mine, I don't mind the crowds or waiting in line. =)
This is because I go with no expectations, other than to enjoy the time with the friends I am with. 
Since I'm not all stressed out about getting a certain deal, I can relax and be blessed by whatever unexpected treasure/s I may find for a bargain! (this is the way to do it, my friends)
This year, however, I find myself majorly behind on sleep and energy. Plus, I have cousins here and due to a common lack of interest amongst us to brave the cold and driving to town at 11pm, we decided to opt for the cyber shopping option this year. 
I rummaged around on various favorite brand sites of mine (Old Navy, Maurices, & Jen Clothing, to name a few) but none of the above named had any spectacular deals. 
{if they were to ask me for marketing advice, I would tell them to drop the "if you buy $50 worth you get free shipping" deal, because it seems a bit lame. Goodness, all of us cyber shoppers are STAYING HOME and not being part of the mob rushing at them. The least they could do would be to give us free shipping with NO strings attached. Right?
Right. =)
Well, I wasn't about to buy $50 worth of brand-new things.
 Sorry, Old Navy, Maurices, & Jen Clothing! I'm sure somebody else will go for your {ahem} "deals". =)

Even though its not technically a "black friday" sale item.... this skirt is a good deal over on Maurices. I'm not personally getting it only because I have been privileged to find three khaki pencil skirts of various shades at thrift stores this year. (!!!!) And I really can't justify a fourth. But if you are in need of a cute, modest pencil skirt (black or stone colored), then head on over! It will show up that the skirt is $26 but it is actually 75% off of that. {insert cheer}
One deal that I did take advantage of tonight is over on DownEast Basics. I LOVE their WonderTee-it is incredible for layering! It's the perfect top to wear underneath a crocheted or sheer shirt, for those times when a cami doesn't quite cut it. =) 
For today/tomorrow they have a deal going where you can get 30% off your entire order. My sister and I stocked up and each got several WonderTee's/camis. We haven't tried their camis before but we've heard rave reviews from multiple friends so we included a few in our order. 

Sorry for no picture with this post-you'll just have to imagine me, my sista, my cousin, and my cousin-in-love, all sitting here in in our little office, shopping on our laptops. Exciting picture, eh? =)

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. #DITTO to all of this. it drives me UP a wall whenever people want you to spend $50 or plus just to get 'free shipping'. #forcryingoutloud #lamesauce
    I seriously was pretty tempted to get that maurices pencil skirt...BUT, I didn't want to pay shipping. #cheapohannah :P
    sometime (maybe after Christmas?) we should all go shopping together in iowa city. #howfunwouldthatbe?!
    loved this post, love good deals. #endofstory :)

  2. Ha! Yeah, I don't think that spending over $50 for free shipping is much of a deal either! :)
    Yes, khaki skirts just seam to multiply on me too. :)


  3. Thank you so much for sharing, Chels! And, yes, the whole shipping/$50 thing is definitely not the most creative idea ever. :P I've been looking for a black maxi skirt for a little while and was happy to find one this afternoon at a thrift store for $4, along with a wider black belt. #yay There is something so special about the "treasure hunt" of thrifty things. :) Blessings, Chels!

    1. I realize this comment wasn't targeted towards me, but I have to agree with you, Elizabeth! There is def a sense of accomplishment that comes with thrift and consignment shopping! I always love finding wonderful things for cheap prices! :)

  4. Hi Chelsy,
    I don't really like shopping for clothes-but I like shopping for food!!!! I went Black Friday shopping with my parents and I get worn out. There are so many people buying so much stuff. I don't think the $50 deal was that great of a deal either. My sister Sarah went shopping at a big mall with my grandma and two other ladies. She spent about maybe 5 hours out and got 1 shirt.
    I am glad ya'll had a happy Thanksgiving.
    Love in Christ,
    Ashley Psalms 119:9


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