Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giveaway over on the Family Blog||Personal

We're having a giveaway of our latest family cd, over on my family's blog! Check it out!
Sorry people...I know the content on here lately hasn't been that exciting or earth shattering. (other than my announcement the other day =))
But my life has been pretty crazy lately!
October kind of wiped me out. =)
And now November is here and I find myself in the thick of preparing for
*multiple groups of company
*our upcoming tour in January (mailing posters, booking dates, mailing bulk music orders, etc) 
*our church's upcoming Live Animal Christmas Play 
*the fundraiser dinner my family is doing at our church this Sunday, to help raise money for the Christmas Play expenses
*the National Bible Bee (coming right up next week! Four of my brothers are in it and we are currently spending hours every day listening to their memory verses helping them prepare. its intense!)
Also I've been busy with:
*farm and family projects
*updating my photography equipment/gear in preparation for (hopefully!) growing my business next year
*brainstorming and preparing for the new blog design/look/theme, coming next weekend-ish (?)

that's a bit of my life currently, in a nutshell!=)


  1. you don't need to apologize, chels. goodness you're always going a mile a minute (err, 3 miles a minute?!) #slowdownforonce :) october kinda wiped me out too..can't wait to see your new blog design and all..going to be awesome, I know!

  2. That's alot! :) And I have already entered for the cd. :) Thanks! :)
    I hope that your brothers do well! That takes alot of courage!
    Can't wait for the reveal of your new design! :)
    blessings and love!



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