Monday, November 18, 2013

New Couple in Town||Changes to the Blog

  I had to grab a few pictures of my lovely cousin and her new boyfriend the other night, 
as they were leaving our house for their first date!
It's such a beautiful time of life for both of them. 
And I'm having a ball just observing and listening and helping in any way I can. =)
love it...
Moving on....from the new couple in town, to the much-less interesting topic of changes to the blog. =)
This morning as I was sitting at my desk contemplating the coming week and all the challenges that I know are ahead with the new blog design-I felt like the Lord gave me the wonderful idea of shutting the blog down for the week, so I can work on the redesign over a period of several days, and don't have the pressure of getting it all done right at once. 
I'm giving y'all a heads up so you know what's going on when you try to pull up my blog and instead a page comes up that says "sorry, but only invited readers are allowed to read this blog"

Remain calm...I'm just changing my blog settings to make my blog "private" for four days.
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) 
For those 4days you won't be able to access the blog. 
I'm so thankful for this blogger feature of shutting it down for a bit, because that will give me sufficient time to try out different things/ideas, and to figure out the sure-to-occur problems and kinks that will happen when tech-challenged me endeavors to change things. =)
Thank-goodness for blogger making it easy by providing me with some easy design tools...and thank goodness for the two dear friends who are/have been helping me so much by providing ideas, inspiration, new bio photos, and a new header!

I'm super excited that this is finally happening! 
I am leaving the blog open until Thursday, to hopefully give most of my readers time to see this post and know what's going on.
If y'all think about it, you can be praying for me-I need clear direction from the Lord about a few things for this yet.
I'm really passionate about this blog being a dynamic growing place-not just a blog that is fun to "surf". Although I want to keep it fun. =) 
But I really need to have the right balance of fun and serious. And I'm seeking how to do that.

For the rest of the week, hop on over and keep up with me/our family on my family's blog, as my sister will be posting there about our upcoming Church Christmas play (and recordings, rehearsals, etc in preparation for that!), the big fundraiser dinner we did at church for it, the upcoming National Bible Bee (and daily updates on how our four national qualifiers are doing in the competition rounds) and random other things that are going on here at the Bontrager farm.

I'll see y'all back here bright & early next Monday morning, for the "new look"!


  1. Awww!!!:) They are Just. So. Darling!!:) Dorcas just looks so beautiful and graceful and sweet and she just Melts me!!;) And she's my very own sister!!;) There's just something about sisters that evocts pride in your life and makes you feel fierce. So when your sisters start dating really good men, then it just makes your fiercer side very happy!;) That's what happens for me anyway!;) I think that they will be so very beautiful together! I just love watching God work in people's lives cause its just So Fun!!:) And not just when they start dating either.;) And please be sure and give Dorcas Lots of hugs when you see her, cause I'm not there to do so, and that makes me sad.;)
    I'm so excited about your blogs changes and things!:) I'm loving that you're posting more!;) I hope that it all comes together more excellently then you expected, and all those nice things!;) Love you! ♥Rhoda

    1. Oh Rhoda...I love you, girl. =) Your fierce side getting fiercer...yes yes yes. =)
      I am giving her many hugs for you. Hugs, advice, etc etc. =)

  2. Awww! The photos of the new couple are SO sweet. What beautiful, treasures moments you captured! Which leads me to ask....think you can be around someday when I'll need those sorts of pictures taken?! ;) haha!

    As I stated in my email, I will.for.sure be praying about this with you. Hope everything goes swimmingly for ya! Love you. :)


  3. Oh my goodness, your cousin looks so happy! :) She looks like a very lovely person.

    I hope everything goes well while you are working on the blog! it can be so overwhelming some times! Which is way ours has yet to be changed, SO many decisions!
    I will be for sure praying for you Chels! :)

    love and blessings,

  4. great photos of the lovely couple! i am so excited for them! relationships in Gods timing is a beautiful thing!

  5. aww! I meet her at the Grad party this year! she is so nice!
    I can't wait to see the Blog on Monday! I will be looking forward to it. :) and will you be letting ppl see the blog while it is in "construction?" just curious! -sarah

  6. Love, love, love. The couple, the blog changes, Rhoda's comment, you!;)

  7. Hi Chelsy!
    The pictures are beautiful!
    I'm excited for the new design!
    I found this quote last week. When I saw it I thought of you and Hannah:

    Have a great week!
    God Bless,
    Allison Ockenfels

  8. Hi Chelsy!

    They look like a cute couple! Your cousin is so pretty and I love her dress. :)

    I am sad to see the blog being shut down for a few days but it'll be exciting to see the new changes! Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to the new posts your family will be doing. :)


  9. Oh I like this alot! :) What Wanda said is totally true! ;)

  10. I've had such a fun time keeping up with your blog lately even though I don't really comment. I'll work on that. :) Can't wait to see the new design and changes--it's time I update mine as well...
    Just found out that y'all are coming to sing at our church in January; I can't wait to see y'all then!

  11. Love the pictures.:) I am so happy for your cousin. They look so happy. Can't wait to see the new look Monday.:)
    ~ Ashley

  12. All really nice pictures but I have one little problem with that last has a Dodge truck in it!! That just ruins the whole entire picture!!! lol sorry just had to say it :)
    Your cousin is beautiful!
    ~ A NE. Reader

  13. Eeeek! So-O excited to see your new blog makeover! Horrah! HUGS!

  14. Hi Chelsy,

    I have been reading your blog for a while and love it. Thanks for posting!!

    In Christ,
    Annie Jones

  15. Well, talk about flooding your dashboard with comments. #catchingup =) How exciting about your cousin - love the joy you captured in the pictures and since these pictures contain the color teal/turquoise, it's pretty obvious that I'm going to love the pictures even more. =) And love your blog's new look - totally understand about shutting the blog down for a while. Because *cough* I've done that now for longer than a while. ;) But have been sorting through some new ideas that may be coming soon. This may be the final boost of inspiration to do so. =) Blessings, Chels, and have a blessed day!! ~EB


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