Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One of Those Days...

" Some days are such perfect disasters....
that there's really nothing to do but sit back 
and admire their perfection."
-Robert Brault

Some can be pretty stressful to live on our farm.
 But from a photographer's standpoint...
...some days farm life gives me some pretty amazing unique shots. =)

I'm thankful that everyone's safe, and reminding myself that 
"its no use crying over spilt corn". =)



  1. We have these days too on our farm as well, Chelsy...sometimes it is "comforting" to know others have them too. God teaches many lessons through life's difficulties. How did you all upright the trailer?

  2. Hey! I found your blog today. Looks very cool. I enjoy photography too. I saw in your about me page that you are used to traveling and used to live on a 45 foot coach bus. I have done that too! I toured for about four years. Its such a unique experience. Its neat to see others who have done the same.

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  3. Oh no! One of our friends said that the pictures of some challenging/unique situations are often the ones you laugh about later. Some take a bit longer to laugh about though. ;) And, yep, catching up on commenting. :) Blessings!!


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