Friday, November 15, 2013

Thrifted Wedges||Fashion

 I love shoes, I really do.
 I love how they can add so much to an outfit.
 And, admittedly, I'm a sucker for heels. 
 "The higher the heel, the better I feel"...that kind. =)
 These are my new lovelies. I got them in Minnesota last month, at a Platos Closet consignment           store.
 They are American Eagle and from all appearances are brand-new.
 And. I got them for all of $6.00.
 Can anyone say, "score thrifty!"? I was so excited!
"Give a girl the right shoes...and she can conquer the world."

Well, not really. =)
but cute shoes are so fun. Are we agreed, ladies? 
They just add sparkle to life!
So! Comment and tell me about your current favorite pair/s of shoes!
have a fabulous weekend, people!
Oh yes- y'all can be thinking of me tomorrow, as I'm baking 300 dinner rolls.
Wanna come for dinner on Sunday?! =)


  1. I agree with you! :) my Favorite pair is some black boots from Stuff ect. :)they are very compfy and perfect for fall/winter -sarah
    p.s. Yes I am commin for lunch on Sunday! yay!! can't wait! see you then.

  2. SO cute! I loVe thrifting! :)
    Right now I wear a pair of tan flats (real leather) like crazy! They go with just about anything. You are a farm girl- you know the brand Ariat ? Well, they are Ariat flats! yay! I got them at our local goodwill for $3! :D

    That is alot of rolls! We have a few 'orders' our selves (we make our own bread and when you bring it places people just can't not ask for their own basket full, you know.) :)


    1. yes, I am a farm girl. =) But I've never heard of that brand. Sounds like you got a good deal!

    2. Hey Cassie!
      Ariat flats!! At Goodwill for $3? That is an incredible deal. I would so love to find some high-end-brand, comfy shoes for a thrifty price.:) My Goodwill doesn't seem to excel in amazing shoes, but I'll have to keep looking! I was shopping for boots the other night and there are some adorable Ariat cow-girl style ones! Maybe I will own some....someday.
      ps. Yeah, I'll give Chels the rundown on Ariat shoes....what I know, that is, which isn't much other than that they're a high-quality, confortable shoe brand!

  3. Oh, so right, sistah! The higher the heel, the better I feel, esp. when you're hardly over 5 foot 2 inches. :P They really look nice on you! How about showing us a full outfit? :)

  4. Wedges are my favorite! Love those shoes! They're especially fun since you know they didn't cost you an arm and a leg! ;)

  5. How awesome!! Heels are the best! My favourite pair? My heels =D Black kitten heels with a frill and bow around the toe.

  6. I love shoes too!! :)
    And I'm also loving the look that new camera gives to your pictures! The depth of field is just fabulous!

    1. I actually didn't take these pictures-they were taken by a friend of mine, Hannah Elise,
      BUT...she uses a Mark II, and I now have the Mark my pictures {should} be similar! =)

  7. Hi Chelsy,
    I love tenis shoes!! I wear them all the time!!! I don't really like high heels, but they look good on you!!! I wish we could come for supper!!!! I would love to!!! lol. What are you making 300 rolls for?????
    Love Ashley

    1. I'm making them for a fundraising dinner our family is doing for our church tomorrow to raise money for our church's annual Live Animal Christmas Play. (I mentioned the play in a previous post)

  8. Super cute wedges! :) and so thrifty, too. love finds like that.

    my current fave pair of shoes are my new black dress boots. they are faux leather, have a small heel, and a pointed toe. they aren't super comfy, but I love how sophisticated and elegant they make me feel. :)

  9. I'll say SCORE THRIFTY! woohoo! my favorite shoes are currently my brown boots..LOVE those things..could wear them every day. go you w/ 300 dinner rolls, sistah. :)

  10. Adorable shoes! I love heels! :)

  11. Ah, yes. Shoes, like jackets, are fun to look at, wear, collect, buy, decorate, you name it! They are fun. I like sporty looking tennis shoes, dressy clogs or Mary Jane type shoes, dressy flats, and dressy wedged heeled shoes. Oh yes, and riding boots-Little House on the Prairie-type shoes. I've always liked those!
    Shopping for clothes is much more fun now that we're older, especially when you find something you like!

    Rebecca K.

  12. Yikes! 300 rolls - like yeast dinner rolls? That sounds like a full day lady! And yes, they are cute- if they had fit me and I did'nt already have a pair... well, you never would have seen them! :)

    1. hehe. =) That shopping trip to remember. So fun to be with all you fun ladies. =)
      and yes...300 yeast dinner rolls. I didn't actually end up making quite that many...I think it was around 250 that I ended up with. And there's only like 10 left. =)

  13. Cute shoes!!! :) My favorite shoes right now are moccasins from old navy or kohls. They are super comfy and look cute with about anything!

  14. Love shoes so much. Mainly I wear cowgirl boots, since I am a horseback rider at heart. But I do LOVE heels! Especially when going to church and other special events.

  15. Hello fellow lover of thrift store shoes! (esp. heels!) ~ I too am a sucker for wedges...They are just SO CUTE! And currently, my favorites are a pair of black wedges which I got for $1.50! :) Although I also have a pink pair and a turquoise pair! Gotta love it! I love your blog, btw. Keep up the good work! :)

  16. I have to admit I love wedges!They are really the only kind I can walk in actually,and I love wearing a fancy pair to church!

  17. Such an awesome find, Chels! I used to have a pair very similar to that except in white/tan, but now they are much too small. :( My brown boots are probably my favorite during autumn - so practical and cozy. =) Love hearing about others' thrifty treasures, so thanks for sharing, friend!


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