Saturday, December 28, 2013


It's hard for me to blog right now.
I feel like there's so much I want to write, and say, and share, and discuss, and simply not enough time to format everything into an understandable post.
God has been rocking my world lately by the incredible preaching at my church. Every service I come home and think "I HAVE to post about this!" And then the following day is full of company/packing/cooking along with my regular job, working as my father's secretary, and suddenly before I know it...I've fallen into bed and one of the last thoughts before drifting off to sleep approx 1 1/2 minutes after my head hits the pillow, is "Ah-I never posted that!"
The quote below describes so well how I've been feeling on all of this lately:

what our preacher says all the time. and its so true
 My pastor uses this quote all the time and it is so true. Every single service I come away having learned
new truth from the Word of God. Every single time God works on my broken heart, repairing and 
changing and healing. (note: when I say "broken heart", I don't mean it by the world's standard of a 
broken heart. I mean it as a heart that is always in need of more of Jesus and His grace, love, and
I've been so blessed-I honestly feel at times like I've grown more spiritually in the past year and a half...
than I have in my whole Christian life before that. God has been so faithful and even though the 
sanctification process is rough at times, I couldn't wish to be anywhere else than where I am right
now. Broken and messed up...but in the place where healing and truth abounds! 

Currently I'm getting ready to leave for a 2 1/2 month tour with my family. I'll have more time to wade 
through all of the above and give y'all several in-depth posts on the month!

In the meantime let me just challenge you to choose broken-ness and be willing for God to heal and 
change you and fill you with more of HIM!



  1. Chelsy, I feel like this is where I've been to a lot lately - broken. I see my total wretchedness and my need for Him.... and how I want Him to fill me more and change me. And He does and is... Our brokenness verses the world's is so different. Ours brokenness--our weakness is where we meet Jesus and His strength is perfect in us.
    Thank you for this reminder so much, Chelsy.... It's easy to discount the brokenness and tough up to push through it. May it rather drive me to the feet of Jesus. This may have been a short post, but God used it to trigger a lot of things within my heart tonight. Looking forward to hearing more about what you've been learning. Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at my church in a few weeks.
    Love, Grace

  2. Have you read "Brokenness" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss?? Her teaching on the subject is so personal and God really used it to convict me and draw me into a closer and more intimate relationship with him. The author has combined that book with 2 others-- "Surrender" and "Holiness"-- into a trilogy. They're all amazing!

    Thanks for sharing, Chelsy!
    You've been an encouragement to me!

    1. No, I haven't read those-but I am a huge fan of her writing so I will have to check into finding those!

  3. Amen... Thank you for that Challenge, Chelsy!!! That is my desire too....however it's not always easy :) We are praying for you and your family for traveling mercies and safety!!
    ~Priscilla Gerber~

  4. that quote is one of my favorites. Amen to all of this--it's been harder for me to blog lately too. It is such a rich blessing to be fed from God's Word through sound preaching!! look forward to reading your 'profound' posts whenever you get time to type them out! :)

  5. Very good post Chelsy. I have often heard the Pastor say that too, and it is such a wonderful point! God bless you dear are you strive to learn more of HIM. Hugs, Mary

  6. Does your family ever come to Louisiana? I would love to her ya'll in live concert! And I seriously hope you don't ever stop blogging as I would be so sad. I look forward to your posts very much! Hugs! Merry

  7. thanks bunches for sharing your beautiful thoughts, chels. awesome quote, too. praying for you all as you head out for your tour. blessings, friend! <3

  8. I love to hear about what God is doing in your life. I'm still hoping for a heart to heart. Maybe in Texas because I bet you're very busy getting ready to leave.

  9. Amen! There is nothing more beautiful than seeing how God sanctifies us! I am so amazed looking back at this year at all the things He has taught me! I don't deserve any of it.
    I hope your tour is wonderful. Hopefully, we can find a way to see you all!!


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