Saturday, December 21, 2013

In Which I Speak Once Again!

{curling hair last weekend in prep for the LACP @ church}

I have so much to write but sadly I just have a minute here so all of my "blog-post-pile-ups-in-the- brain" will have to wait for later.

My life lately has been wonderful and crazy.
This year's Christmas Play was the most amazing yet. I seriously have to pinch myself at times to make sure that I really am getting to be a part of the production and the fabulous church/people that are behind it. I'm so blessed by them!

The last three weeks were filled with sewing, rehearsals, company, six showings of the play, more company, and sickness. The last time I posted (a week ago tonight) I was beginning to get a sore throat. By Sunday morning I couldn't sing and couldn't talk normally. (thank goodness for pre-recorded lines!) By Sunday night my voice was almost gone. And Monday morning I woke up with absolutely nothing more than a faint whisper. That calamity lasted until Wednesday when my voice finally and slowing began to return. As my sister so kindly put it "Now you sound like a smoker!" Raspy, deep..all that jazz. So much fun.


Those of you who know me even slightly well know that talking is my strength and being quiet is my weakness. Or else talking is my weakness? Depending on how you define overly talkative people. =) I am one of those.
 Hence those two days of no talking nearly drove me crazy. Especially since it just so happened that our very dear friends from Mississippi were visiting and when we are with them we all talk at the same time and have such a party...and I had to sit and participate in everything in SILENCE. oh the joy.
I am now thankful in a whole new way for the mere ability to SPEAK! It's awesome to be able to join in conversation once again!

{here's a little sneak peak picture of a few of us last weekend. A full LACP recap/review coming next week to the family blog! Stay tuned!}

Now that the play is over, Christmas is right around the corner and I am anticipating the family time and traditions, yummy food, cousins coming from out-of-state, and celebrating, all together, the true reason for the season, Jesus Christ, and all He has done!
In the midst of all that, we're also getting ready to leave on tour. But I'm trying not to think about that---wanting to savor these last home moments while I have them!



  1. Is Carsin smoking inthat picture?

    1. No..of course not!
      I think it may be a stick of jerky or something that he was eating...we were in a hurry so we took the picture really fast, just like we were...

  2. Oh Chelsy! I can so relate to what you went through! I am so sorry you lost your voice! A few years ago, that happened to me as well and unfortunately, I seemed to be the brunt of all the teasing and jokes from all my brothers and sisters! I am a very talkative person as well and I endured the "torture" (of not being able to talk! Haha!) for about a week!
    I am so glad you now have your voice back!

    For your family's tour, are y'all planning to come to the Northeast Florida anytime soon??? :) That would be wonderful! If not, I will hopefully see y'all this April at the ATI conference!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Love, Glory

    1. hey girl!
      we are going to be in Florida quite a bit, but its going to be more along the western side.
      How close are you to the Georgia/Florida border? We have quite a few concerts there that are close to the line. it would be great to see you!
      But if not...we are going to be at the ATI conference, and we're going to be singing at the theater there on the Alert Campus, on the Monday night prior to the conference!

    2. We are actually very close to the GA/FL line! (Jacksonville, FL)
      Folkston, GA (and all the little towns around it), Valdosta, GA, and St. Marys, GA are probably the closest to Jacksonville, FL in Georgia. It is an estimate of between one and two hours away from us. Callahan, Hilliard, Glen St. Mary, St. Johns, and Jacksonville Beach are the closest to us in Florida.
      Yes, I would love to see you and your family again as well! Maybe we will connect if you're ever in the area! (Besides being at Big Sandy)

  3. I love the fact that I have friends like you & a lli that love to talk (like I do) and we can talk loud and animated annnnd nobody cares. :) :)

    love you guys and I already told you but the play was simply stellar!!

  4. So glad your voice is back, Chels! I definitely know how that feels - recently I had this jaw thing and it hurt to just say a word. So thankful it's gone now, but it really made me ponder each word I said and reminded me of the importance of listening. ;) So fun seeing these pictures, too - wish we could have been there and so excited for the next one, Lord willing. ;) Have a blessed Christmas and thanks for all of your encouragement, girl!

  5. Chelsy, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!! What part did you play in the Christmas play?

  6. So glad your voice is back Chelsy=) so much fun looking at the pics...thanks:) it would've been a blast to see the play. So excited for the next one, Lord willing:) wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas...=)

  7. That's awesome! sorry I didn't make it:[

  8. Glad that you have your voice back Chelsy! Can't wait for more post.:)


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