Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rebecca||Sister Portraits&Humor

Sister darling is about to lose her first tooth, so portraits were in order, since we all know that losing that first tooth changes the "baby look" so much!
We found a little spare time at a park one day last week, when we were in Texas.
This post is a few of my favorites of the pictures I shot of her, and also a few of her most recent, original "one-liners".
{She's on a kick with wedding talk right now. we attended a number of weddings last year, and Alli & I have quite a few friends getting married this coming year, and so with hearing about these weddings, wedding stuff is her topic of choice. The rest of us find this highly amusing, especially when she randomly says things like the following:}
"So Chels, what are your wedding colors going to be?"
me: "um, I really haven't thought about that at all. I have no idea."
her: "Well, I know what MINE are going to be."
me: "indeed?"
her: "Yes. They are going to be lime green and pink."
me: "Oh, heavens..."
{I'm hoping her style changes..because that would be one wildly colorful wedding.
typical six-year old colors. =)}
{Alli & I were nearly rolling on the floor laughing at something funny that Rebecca had said. She looked at us quite seriously and said}
"Chels and Alli....pull yourselves together!"
{this was said to me last month}
"Chels, you are twenty-two...and that is OLD to not be married! You are just becoming an old maid!"
{I laughed and asked her how she knows what an old maid is}
" is a maid. that is old.
{profound. I told her that I am NOT old}
"Well, but you some sources."
{I'm thinking she meant to say "in some respects"...??}
{her comment about something sad we were talking about}
"Oh..that is just SOO tragicating!"
"Chels, you need to be praying for a sweet, orderly, responsible, kind man."
{I think this was supposed to be a reprimand for my messy bunk. I suppose if I got an "orderly" husband, I would then have a clean bunk?!}. 
"Can you please give me a 'preference' on this outfit? Cause Alli picked it and she...well, you know. Sometimes she just doesn't know."
{said to me one day after she had hurt herself}
"Chels, pain is shooting thru my arm alligator that's trying to bite me."
And...I just don't think you have any idea how much pain I'm going through right now."
Gracious, I had fun putting this post together and remembering all these funny moments.
 What a child she is. She is calm, laid-back, and chill. She takes life in stride and just enjoys it.
Even though she's basically my polar opposite, we get along famously and I love how she is so good at all the things that I'm not. Love her!



  1. Oh goodness! This made me laugh.. esp. about Alli not knowing about outfits! :) I sorta miss y'all right now... like I could hang out with you again or something..? :)

  2. Great pictures! What a cute and funny little sister you have! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! How funny! :) love the photos.

    I found it funny when you introduced Rebecca and I and she exclaimed, "Now I know THREE Ali's!" ;) She's adorable...and a character!

  4. Aww! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of that sweet baby love! I adore the sweet innocence at that age!
    Merry from

  5. Wow, I LOVED this one!!! I am still laughing!!!!!! :-) She is so sweet! :-) <3 Mary

  6. What a sweetheart! Of course don't take it personally - you certainly aren't an old maid! I love when kids reach the age where they start attempting to use more "adult" words! So precious!

  7. Oh.......she is so funny!:) Loved all the pictures!

  8. Little kids are the best:) Love it!


  9. Too cute! How old is she? My youngest sibling just turned six and while I love how fun and grown up she is, I also miss being able to rock her to sleep :)

  10. #dyingoverhere
    she is SUCH a riot.
    I'll still never forget the whole "scandalous" story and her "making a bookmark for my future husband." bahaha.
    I'm convinced there is such a thing as 'youngest-child-syndrome' or something, and they just know they rule the roost practically and get away with so much. ;) Otto is the same way..always the life of the party.

  11. Wow! She sounds so much like my little sisters :)
    If y'all are in East Texas any time, please come visit us at East River Baptist Church! I would thoroughly enjoy meeting your family. Thank you for making me smile today :)

  12. I LOVED this post. Probably my favorite since you changed your blog. (By the way, I love almost all your posts!) It reminds me of my sweet siblings. My brother when he's 2 saying things like "I thaw (saw) a gor (girl) sea wion (lion)" Me: "How'd you know it's a girl?" my brother: " WELL, she had wong wiskers!" Things like that last a life time. LOVE IT!

  13. Oh my lands....this post was HILARIOUS!!! Some of the things Rebecca said sounds like something my lil' sis would have said at that age. Oh the joys of being an older sibling :)

    Looking forward to seeing you all next month :)\

    Love and hugs to ya girlfriend,

  14. Aww! Little sisters can be so cute!

  15. HAHA! She sounds like some of my sisters!
    Cute pictures!

  16. That girl definitely has personality. I remember when my little brothers were at that age; they always kept us laughing. Oh for the days when we had a little one again....Still working on convincing my parents we need to adopt a baby from Uganda. :) Anyway, I really like your pictures Chelsea. Thanks for the post, I had a good time with it. Blessings!

  17. Awesome post, and great pics! Sounds like my youngest sister - also 6 years old and also named Rebecca!

  18. Love it... My favorite has got to be "how tragicating"!! I will now be using that phrase! :-)

  19. Beautiful pictures, Chelsy! Rebecca sounds like a very sweet girl! So cute hearing the things she said!!

  20. Oh! That is just so precious, Chelsy! I love them....very sweet!

  21. Great pics!!.....what a Sweetheart! :)

  22. Hilarious!! Aww that is so sweet:) she is such a cutie!! Love the hair style too--great pics Chelsy!!

    Miss you girls..!!
    ~Priscilla Gerber

  23. Love these pictures. Love this girl. Love her sayings. :)


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