Friday, January 17, 2014

SisterStyle||Cream,Lace,&Polka Dots

I'm sharing one of my sister's outfit creations today!
My sisters and I love style, clothing, and accesories. It is so fun to celebrate womanhood by putting together beautiful, feminine outfits.
We don't share much as far as clothing, just because our styles/sizes are so different.
Occasionally, though, we do borrow an item or two.
With this outfit, it just so happens that half of it came from my wardrobe. =)
Watermelon Polka Dot Blouse: (thrifted-hers)
Belt: (thrifted-mine)
Cream Cardigan: (thrifted-mine)
Pearls: (thrifted-hers)
Ring: (made by Alli-hers)
Skirt: (Rue 21-mine)
Boots: (
I love this skirt. Gorgeous, lace, just-below-knee is perfect! I hardly ever shop at Rue 21 but I was there with some friends last fall and found this skirt for the amazing sale price of $8.99. (!!!!!!!!)
If you don't have thrift stores near you, the mall does have some great options right now. Skirts are very "in" currently. (esp. lace and maxi) That same night I was out shopping I saw more beautiful skirts at Rue 21, Wet Seal, & Old Navy. Modesty IS still possible-don't settle for less, ladies!



  1. Amen! (On your last paragraph) :)
    I love the outfit! SO pretty! Your sister's hair is beautious! :)
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love this! So classy + cheery for winter and I love all of the fabulous textures/details. It's super encouraging to see the beautifully inspiring outfits you ladies put together, so thank you for sharing. :) Miss you!

  3. Beautiful!!! I admire your family and I love your feminine style! I love this outfit!:) Thanks for your post!

  4. So gorgeous! Please tell Alli I said so. :)

    Don't you just love it when modesty is "in"? Makes it a lot easier, which is nice. Not nessecary, but still nice!

  5. I love dressing feminine. That outfit is beautiful, especially the skirt! Fun boots too! I'm so thankful maxi dresses/ skirts are in right now so thrift stores have a plethora to choose from! Plato's Closet has more modern styles, though you have to dig through many immodest styles too. Thanks for sharing this, its encouraging to see other women dressing to give God glory!
    Kayla H.

  6. I love it! And her long curly hair is just gorgeous!

  7. Very Beautiful! I love the skirt, so cute!

  8. I loved this post! Allison is so pretty and her/your outfit is so cute!

  9. Allison is beautiful!! And I love the outfit!!! :) It's so cute. I only wish I was that good at fashion.

  10. It''s a beautiful outfit, Chels. Love it!

  11. Your sister is so beautiful! I love her elegant girly style. :)

  12. Love that skirt! Really I just love the whole outfit, and of course lets not forget the beautiful one wearing it!


  13. Absolutely gorgeous...!!! I adore those stylish, feminine outfits--That's the way to go=)

  14. Love the outfit Allison! Also the boots are adorable. I will have to try out the store you got them from, I've never heard of them before. Hope your trip is starting out well!


  15. Oh..I have that same skirt! I got it for mygraduation. I love her red top,so cute! Your family has such beautiful young ladies and can I just say I'm very jealousf her hair!:)

  16. Love the outfit! Can't wait for more posts like this!

  17. How lovely! Vintage and feminine, as well as cheerful and comfy. It is exciting to see more modest skirts come "back into style" and the challenges of finding good deals aren't as hard, somewhat! Thrift stores are so much fun, and a perfect way to "treasure hunt" for good finds.
    So sweet!

  18. So cute! Love the polka dots and the boots. :) Rue 21 is super cheap.... especially their jewelry!

  19. Love the outfit!:) I love the way you and your sister dress.:) I get lots of ideas from the two of you. Looking forward to more post like this.:)

  20. Awesome outfit! If you're ever looking for good denim skirts, Cato usually has those. They also carry some cute tops and shoes on occasion. It depends on the season and the store I suppose. Anyway, love the outfit. Y'all come up with the greatest styles. God bless, AbbyJoy :)

  21. Hello Chelsy,

    Thank you for the ideas for modest outfits, as well as the links for where you found some of the items. I came across this pattern for a maxi skirt a few months ago, and I thought you might like it: It was pretty easy and turned out great. Thank you again for the ideas.

  22. I saw one of these pictures of Allison featured on the Modest Mom Blog for modest winter outfits! How awesome!

  23. A lovely, feminine and modest outfit!! You look gorgeous in it, too :) I love the lace skirt very much!

  24. Such a beautiful outfit! ( I guess you follow the Modest Mom, too? :)

    I saw this about a month ago on the Modest Mom Blog, and I though Ali looked familiar!


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