Friday, January 10, 2014

The Sisters||Expressions

 this girl is growing up SO fast, right before my eyes, into a beautiful little lady with such a big heart. and big eyes. and a big fan club. 
yes, that kind. =)
Alli may or may not kill me for posting this picture.
I choose to take the risk. =)
Just a little trivia question for y'all..out of the four girls in our family two of us are renowned drama queens/life of the party and the other two are..more normal. 
In other words, we love each other to death but we are a super diverse foursome.

what is your guess on which are the drama queens, and which are not? 
it might not be what you'd think!

{Answer - 1/11/2014: 
good guesses, people!
those of you who guessed Alli & Liz are the winners!
They are the sanguine ladies in our family, and sanguine typically goes hand-in-hand with the drama queen idea. =)
Rebecca's personality is melancholy/phlegmatic, and mine is choleric. I may have to post more about personalities later-our family has started studying them more in depth in the past seven years and it is totally fascinating!}



  1. Allison and Elizabeth??? :)

  2. Is it Elizabeth and Rebecca? I'm not sure! It kind of seems like all three, Allison, Elizabeth, and Rebecca are sort of 'drama queens' in their own way! Love, Catherine

  3. I would guess Allison and Elizabeth are the drama queens, but Rebecca seems a bit dramatic too. I'll still guess Allison and Elizabeth are the drama queens!

  4. I have to say that all of you have a little 'drama queen' tucked in you. #whatwouldthisworlddowithoutdramaqueens :D I know that Allison is def one of the two ... I'm thinking maybe Elizabeth is the other???
    Hope your travels are going well. (No bus breakdowns yet, right? :])


    1. Chels... you're not exempt! You certainly have some drama too! :D (I kid, I kid.)

  5. Oh my. LOVE the photo of Liz! Beautiful little lady.

    And, um...I have no idea. I don't typically think of people in terms of "drama queen" or, errr..., "not drama queen." Rebecca seems to be pretty expressive, and so does Alli. Maybe those two?

  6. hmmm..... Rebecca and Allison is my guess.

  7. Defiantly Allison, I'm not sure about the other.

  8. Love these pictures - their eyes sparkle so joyfully in them. :) All right, I'm going to go with Alli and Rebecca, but I definitely may be wrong. :) Praying for you all as you continue your tour! <3

  9. Allison and Elizabeth?:)

  10. Hmm,,,,My wild imagination would be Alli and Rebecca!!

  11. Allison and Rebekah? What a blessing sisters are!

  12. I immediately thought Allison and Liz.....but the longer I think about it....Chelsy, you can be pretty interesting too!(: When you and Alli get going....(: You girls are so fun! cute pics! miss you all! Come home!!!! Liz

  13. good guesses people!
    those of you who guessed Alli & Liz are the winners. =)
    They are the sanguine ladies in our family. Rebecca's personality is the melancholy/phlegmatic, and mine is the choleric.
    I may have to post more about personalities later-our family has started studying them more in depth in the past seven years and it is totally fascinating!!

    1. I so want to know more about the personality types! I have a hard time identifying myself in things like ;)

  14. Ah, I was totally going back and forth between Liz and Rebecca. Oh well. :) Yes, I would love to see a post on personalities/what resources you've used. :) Blessings, friend!!

  15. Liz and

  16. haha- It seems like a lot of people we know- especially big families - are doing this lately too.... I'm definitely a sanguine/phlegmatic, (the drama queen, if you want to say it that way). And Kelly is... well... the Melancholy with a little phlegmatic, and some older-sister choleric, even though that is not her natural personality. I think it is so interesting how life circumstances can influence personality type.
    BTW - what book/articles are you guys reading about it?
    Hugs to Chels!


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