Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Tour Schedule!


2...First Baptist Church::Blountstown, FL::9:30am

2...Center Baptist Church::Webbs, AL::5pm

5...New Life in Christ Church::Foley, AL::7pm

6...Temple Baptist Church::Hattiesburg, MS::10:30am

6...Mount Hermon Baptist Church::Mt Hermon, LA::6:30pm

7...Lake Wildwood Baptist Church::Macon, GA::7pm

8...Smyrna Presbyterian Church::Newberry, SC::7pm

9-13...Gospel Express Prison Crusade::Abbeville & statewide SC

14...Pinecraft Park::Sarasota, FL::7pm

15...Bethel Mennonite Church::Sarasota, FL::6pm

16...Hope Fellowship::Sarasota, FL::10am

16...Hernando Church of the Nazarene::Hernando, FL::6pm

19...First Christian Church::Cape Corral, FL::6:30pm

20...Ahava Baptist Church::Plant City, FL::7pm

21...Grace Bible Sanctuary::Palm Bay, FL::7pm

23...Way of the Cross Baptist Church::McDonough, GA::10:30

23...Heritage Baptist Church::Locust Grove, GA::6pm

26...Mt Shady Baptist Church::Swainsboro, GA::7pm

27...Hines Baptist Church::Midville, GA::7pm


I have discovered that I have a lot of blog readers that reside in the southern states, particularly Florida & Georgia! It would be lovely to meet some more of y'all at one of my family's upcoming concerts! Our concerts are free and open to the public.
Hope to meet you soon!



  1. Does this mean you will be here February 8th? 8...Smyrna Presbyterian Church::Newberry, SC::7pm? I'm really excited! Hope I can make it! =D

    1. Yes, that's right! Coming right up! Do you live nearby? Hope you can come-would love to meet you!

  2. Hey Chels, I was just thinking, it's kind of funny that as soon as our tour in Florida is over, yours is just starting. It is kind of unfortunate though because you're going to a lot of the areas we were just in and it would've been cool if we could've met up with y'all sometime while we were there. But alas, we are now on our way to Arizona. Finally, warm weather! But then, that's what I said about Florida...and I turned out being way wrong... :) Anyway, I guess we'll see ya at the Crafter's Fair if not before. God bless! ~AbbyJoy

  3. I live about an hour and a half away! Will definitely try to make it! :)

  4. Like is your family Bontragers as in Sound of Music???

    1. I thought that was the Von Trapps...

    2. Oh yeah :/ I feel so stupid lol!!!

  5. Hi Chels!! My family really enjoyed getting to see y'all again!! Wish I could have too!! Blessings abundantly bestowed my friend!! Love ya!! Hannah

  6. My family sure loved getting to see y'all Chels!!! Wish I could have also!! Blessings all around!! Hannah

  7. So glad we got to come see y'all in Macon GA even if we got there alittle late:( as we had a bit of a time finding the church!! But y'all were Amazing! I left with much to think on n feeling very inspired!!! May the Lord bless you and your family as y'all continue to serve Him! Grace Weaver


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