Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

{don't get excited; these aren't mine. =)}

//Valentine's Day//

I've honestly never given this holiday very much thought. 
It's not that I have anything against the holiday. 
I've always know that Valentines meant love and roses, fun little notes, and an abundance of all things pink and red. 
I just never really cared about it for myself, personally. I never felt like I was lacking, or missing out, or anything like that.

In the last several days I've come across quite a few people talking about Valentine's Day. Specifically talking about how it can be a difficult holiday for single people.
This was revelation to me. Call me weird or whatever, but the thought never really occurred to me that single people might struggle on this day, with wishing for a special someone to love them. 

I've been realizing though that it is a major problem, apparently. From what I've been hearing from others, it sounds like there is a multitude of singles out there who get honestly depressed on this happy, lovely day called Valentines.

So. In light of that, I'm here today to offer a little love to all of y'all, whether you fall in the camp of "I wish had someone to love me and that I wasn't single!" or "I could care less about having a significant other". =)

Most of you reading this have family of some kind. Parents, siblings, cousins...something. Go out and love on them today. If you feel a lack of love in your life than I would say that the true reason is because you don't have much love going out. Don't focus on love coming in! Focus on being a giver. Consume yourself with loving on others and you will be amazed at how your whole perspective will change. If you actually stop and think about it you will realize that you are way more loved than most people in the world. There are orphans who would give anything to just have one parent to love them! There are soldiers who would love to be home with their family's but instead are spending today sacrificing for our freedom. There are abused children who don't even understand what true love is because of how they have been mistreated.

And you are complaining because you don't have a boyfriend today? Grow up, girl!

All of us have friends, too. (at least I hope so!) You have a friend who you know is going through a rough time in life right now? Why not send her flowers today? Stick in a note of encouragement with a scripture verse and let her know you're praying for her. Who says guys are the only ones who can give flowers? =) Think outside of the box! 

Even if you think that no one else loves you or cares about you today, let me tell you that JESUS DOES. His love far surpasses any other love you could imagine and it is the very best thing in the world to be His child and experience the fullness of that love for yourself. 

Spread the love around today!


  1. What a good post Chelsy!! I love you TOO!!! What a good idea to buy a girlfriend of mine flowers!!! Thank you for the idea! :) Love you Chelsy and PLEASE, come home SOON! :) <3 Mary

    1. Just four weeks to go!!! Its getting closer! =) miss ya too!

    2. Oh really???!! I didn't realize it was that close! Great! We will have to have you over! :) btw, when I saw the pic of the roses, I got so excited..... but.... the first thing you said was NOT to get excited because those roses weren't yours.... :-/ :-D -Mary

  2. Very well written Chels. It's funny that you noticed all the people going on about it being a hard holiday for singles as I had noticed that the other day too. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post chels!! I love you soo much! -sarah

  4. "Focus on being a giver. Consume yourself with loving on others."

    Would you have tips on how to do this? Maybe some advice, especially for those family members who cane bothersome at times.

    Thanks for this post. :)

    1. If you don't mind my replying, I think I might be able to offer some advice. I struggle sometimes with treating certain people the way I should simply because they often get on my nerves. However, lately I've realized that sometimes the reason I'm so annoyed by a certain person is because I'm expecting them to annoy me and therefore intentionally, (albeit unknowingly sometimes), seek out something in their character or behavior to be annoyed by. Does that make sense? The best advice is this, try not to judge other people for their faults while conveniently overlooking your own. Lord knows all of us have our share. We can't act as if we're innocent of annoying or irritating someone at some point in our lives. We're human, and sometimes humans bother other humans. Why? Because it's our nature. More simply put, God shows us love even though we do things he doesn't like and we disappoint him and let him down. Why shouldn't we be willing to do the same for others?

    2. Thanks for this post Chels. Have you ever heard the Collingsworth family's song 'Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness'? If not, you should look it up. It's one of my favorites and your post put me in mind of it. We're presently at a convention with them here in Arizona and they actually sang that song tonight. I just thought it was fitting. :)

    3. to the first anonymous...I will try to do a post on that sometime in the near future! great question!
      second anonymous...thanks for your thoughts! I love when other people use this comment board as a discussion place and chip in with their thoughts.
      Abby...yep, I have that song on my iTunes and I love it. They have some awesome new songs. My current favorite is "My Debt Was Paid". I'm sure you've heard it...=)
      I'm just a little jealous that you get to hear them live right now!! =)

    4. Thanks for your encouraging and insightful reply, anonymous!

      Also, looking forward to the possible post, Chelsy. :)

      Finally, love both "Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness" and "My Debt Was Paid"!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Chelsy! Thanks for the reminder to think of people surrounding us who need to know we care. I'm looking forward someday, Lord willing to sharing this day with a sweetheart, my husband, but I had a wonderful day today and felt very loved. I like giving out valentines to other people too.
    And yesterday in my Bible devotions I read about the crucifixtion, and it touched me.

    Love, Rebecca

  6. Totally awesome post! Even though I'm 'only' 19, I still cringe when I hear girls bemoaning the fact that they don't have a "Prince Charming". I am living life to the FULLEST right now, staying busy serving the Lord, and enjoying every bit! At the risk of sounding feminist (not my intention, I'd love to get married but not for a few years at least!), I don't need a man to make me happy on Valentine's Day. ;)

  7. loved this, Chels. thanks for being blunt and real like you always are. #lovethataboutyou :)

  8. Awesome post Chels--love it=)

  9. Thanks for sharing that, Chelsy. I remember many a "single" Valentine's Day. I would kind of "hold off till it's over". It IS hard, seeing about all your friends making plans with their boyfriends/husbands, and you have nothing to contribute. And you see it EVERYWHERE; it's all over stores and restaurants; "treat your valentine to ____" Then I did have someone to share that with. I had 9 Valentines Days with my now late husband; most of them as married. I had to let expectations go at times. Especially the last one, where he wasn't well enough to do much. And now, I just had #6 without him. I pray for others who HAVE had one, and now don't anymore. For MANY reasons; death, desertion, divorce, MIA; SO many stories I could tell. But it is good to remember those others who give us love and support, and never forget how it all comes from God anyway. Keep it up. I could say much more......but just know I'm praying for you and your family. God bless you


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