Friday, February 7, 2014

January Recap

(the following are just a few pictures from January/early February that I wanted to make sure I posted. For more pictures of our road life/etc lately, my sister and I have been posting over on our family blog)
smiles after a prayer meeting with this lovely group of ladies at the ReNew Hope prison crusade last week. We were disappointed to not be able to spend much time in the prisons like we had been planning on, but God blessed all the down time and we had some amazing worship/sharing/prayer time together with everyone so we were thankful for that.
Alli and these dear friends took me out for lunch for my birthday. #loveliness
meeting blog readers at our concerts has been so fun on this trip!
getting to spend some quality time (at a beautiful coffee shop) with two of our dearest friends was a huge highlight for Alli & I. These girls encourage and inspire me. its such fun to have these sister set friends! we made such memories there.
#epicBBCdiscussions #sketchywaiterguy #exorbitantamountsoflaughter #sharinggoalsandaspirationsforthenewyear 
we attended my cousin's wedding. after having long conversations about waiting on God's timing for Him to bring the right was super exciting to see God provide the perfect, godly wife for him. I'm so thrilled to see what all God is going to do with them as a team as they head for the mission field! 
and that's their first kiss above, fyi. pretty awesome. =)
meeting up with more blog readers..=)
blowing out some candles just cause its the fun birthday thing to do and my lovely aunt thought I should have some. =) #sosweet
the candles were stuck into a cookie on the plate but they kept toppling over so finally I just held them to blow them out. 
the cutest gift bag ever!
my fam threw a party for me early this week when we had a few days off at a guest house in Alabama.
whohoo!!! I've been wanting this cookbook FOREVER but have just been too stingy to buy it for myself.
my brothers got it for me. can anyone say they have good taste?
(they may or may not have had a little help from sister dear =))
the neatest thing was that they all signed it with a little message on the inside cover.
(forgive the fuzzy pictures, but the notes are too good not to post)
(there's a long story behind this nickname. but yes, he calls me "pudge")
love the humor here. =)
my family knows me-I love those practical, business type gifts like the above!!
{super fun card from my sista}
random picture with my "personality twin". This brother and I jibe, seriously. We see life through a very similar glass. =) 

And that's a bit of January!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I wish So bad I would have known when it was.... :-/ :'( So sorry I didn't remember it. It looks like you had a wonderful one!!! You have such a good family! And about the cook book, I have seen her on youtube making things! Her recipe's look GOOD! Love you deary! -Mary

  2. It looks like you have had a nice year so far.:)
    How fun that another one of your cousins got married.:) You must have so much fun going to weddings.:) I haven't been to a wedding in almost five years but I remember that they are always fun.
    HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY CHELS!!!!! It looks like you had a nice birthday.:) The gift bag is adorable. The card from your sister is so funny. I have been wanting that same cookbook! It was so sweet of your brothers to get it for you and write all the notes in it. Have a great night!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Chels!

    Enjoyed the photo recap. :)


  4. Aww! there we are! :) Happy late Birthday to a Beautiful lady :) thanks for the post Chels!

  5. This has to be one of my favorite posts. :) It looked you had a great birthday. I loved looking at your pictures. You and Allison are both so stunning.

  6. I got that cookbook for Christmas and the pots De creme taste like a pure chocolate bar yummy:o)

  7. Happy belated birthday, Chelsy! Enjoyed the pictures and hope your family's travels are going well right now.

  8. Thanks bunches for sharing updates of recent adventures, Chels, and I hope you had a fantastic birthday! :) That last picture is especially sweet (super thankful for both of you!) and the picture of Denver's note definitely had me smiling, haha. ;) Praying for you all!

  9. Girlfriend. Your eyelashes are amazing! And your hair is getting long, I love it! &&. speaking of things I love...Denver's note in your book. THEE cutest. :)

  10. Happy early birthday Chelsea! (Just thought I'd be original here. I'm getting a head start on next year so then I can claim being the first person to wish you a happy birthday for next year. Smart, huh?) :) Don't you just love those sketchy waiters? By the way, we got Gabrielle that particular Pioneer Woman cookbook for her birthday last year. She loves it! Anyway, God bless, hope to hear from ya soon!

  11. Happy belated birthday, Chelsy!!! :) I LOVE the last picture! Sibling love! You look like you could be a model. Thanks for the updates and I always enjoy reading your blog.

  12. ooh I love that card! soo true! also the gift bag. it is so you! ;) looks so fun! missing you! -Sarah

  13. The notes inside the cookbook are just darling! What a great gift! My mom and I have got it from our library so many times we finally just decided to buy it! It is hard to spend that kind of money on just one book since we thrift so much of everything!

    thanks for sharing!

  14. Happy birthday pretty lady! I've got both of pioneer woman's cookbooks! I love em! One of our favorites that we make a lot is her salsa recipe on page 92 and 93.

  15. Hope you had a good birthday, Chels! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad you're having a good trip. I like your key necklace! Was it a birthday present? You look good in maroon. Have a good day! Love, Rebecca

  16. Happy Birthday! My Birthday is also in January!

  17. I completely agree - cutest gift bag ever! Sounds like you had a great birthday! I love how all your brothers signed the cookbook (I've been wanting that one too!), aren't brothers the best?! My oldest brother recently surprised me at my wedding by getting up and giving the most beautiful toast - one of my favorite moments of the whole day!

  18. no joke -- we got notecards with the 'walk by faith' illustration on them and I was totally thinking CHELS. haha. :) sweet post, friend.


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