Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Phone Update

This is for those of you who may have been texting/trying to contact me via phone in the last month.
Lest you think I have been rude in not responding, let me fill you in...
My lovely blue phone crashed/quit/whatever on my birthday, January 29th. So since then (until today) I have been without a phone. Its been quite lovely, actually, and I really haven't missed it hardly at all. I think my family missed it more than I did; they couldn't keep track of me as well. =)
We have been in the south the past month, and down south they don't have US Cellular stores. So we had to wait until today, when we finally located one in Virginia.
They told my brother (who kindly took care of the transaction for me because he's just nice like that) that they wouldn't be able to transfer my contacts to the new phone.
Whereupon mother dear said "wait a can they be able to track people and supposedly access all this information from your phone but they can't transfer your contacts?"
So brother and dad went to battle with the salesman and it ended with all my contacts getting transfered.
#nevergiveup #learntoarguewell #happydance
If you've texted me in the last month and I never answered and you feel so led to text again, go right ahead. =)



  1. Hi Chel,
    My name is Hannah and I found you on
    McKenzie Elizabeth Blog! And I am home-
    schooled and a follower of Jesus Christ!
    And I was just wondering if you have twitter?
    and would you follow me? I would LOVE to
    follow you! Here is my sisters Blog come look
    at it! There are 8 kids in are family!
    Follow her too!! Nice meeting you and may God Bless you.

  2. Hi Chelsy, I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the sunshine and sunflower blogging awards. here is the link:


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